Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha meets arjun.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram walking towards vrindavan and also the pandavas and hidimba walking towards vrindavan. They all reach to a hill, on one side is kanha and balram and on the other side the pandavas. On the hill, a wild boar comes and kanha and balram see him, balram says it looks very powerful and like a demon, kanha e have to get rid of that boar otherwise it will hurt many! There pandavas and hidimba see the wild boar and bheem and Arjun say we have to kill that wild boar as it looks strong and like a demon, Arjun says I will kill that boar with my arrow. Bheem says hidimba, you take brother yudhishthir, nakul and sahadev and protect them, I and Arjun will deal with this boar. Hidimba goes with nakul, sahadev and yudhishthir.
Bheem and Arjun get ready and

Arjun fires an arrow on the boar, the boar jumps from the hill and lands away. Bheem says wow Arjun, you scared that boar off with just one arrow.
Narad muni says mata! This boar is that same bheel who had attacked shree ram in treta yug right? Laxmi says yes devrishi, he is the same bheel who was cursed by arjun’s human form.
There Arjun says today that boar will die from my arrow. Arjun runs behind the boar. Bheem says no wait Arjun, don’t take it so seriously.
There hidimba tells yudhishthir nakul and sahadev to wait in a safe cave and she says she will go and help bheem and Arjun. Hidimba goes out to find bheem. There balram says where did kanha go? kanha! Kanha! Suddenly hidimba and balram crash into each other and balram says who are you? balram sees hidimba and says a demoness? Wow! Balram says I will kill you demoness, I am balram and till today I have killed many demons but now I will kill a demoness as well. Hidimba says but balram why would you kill me? I did not even hurt you. balram thinks and says yeah, but, you are a demoness and I hate demons. Hidimba says in that case, I will fight you as well. Hidimba gets ready and balram uses his mudgal, suddenly bheem puts his gadha in between and says hidimba go behind I will deal with this boy. Balram says who are you? bheem says I am bheem and I will not let you kill this demoness hidimba, she is my friend. Balram says you are a human and how could you make a demoness your friend? I will teach you a lesson. Bheem says lets see if my gadha is more strong or your mudgal. Bheem and balram fight and balram hits bheem with his mudgal, bheem flies away and he falls down in pain and says this balram is really powerful. Balram says what happened? Why didn’t your gadha do anything? You don’t know how to fight. Balram and bheem fight again and balram says bheem you are a kid and need to learn a lot still! Balram hits bheem again and bheem flies and falls down in pain again, balram says you cannot fight me bheem.
There Arjun runs behind the boar and the boar reaches the hill end and stops. Arjun aims his arrow at the boar but doesn’t fire as the boar lowers his head in front of Arjun. Kanha comes and says friend! Arjun sees kanha. Kanha says fire the arrow friend. Arjun says but that boar lowered his head and by that he accepted his defeat, then how can I attack such an animal? And he is an animal, he hasn’t done anything to me. Kanha says friend, that boar is thinking of killing you this very moment, don’t think much, shoot the arrow and kill him. Arjun says but the boar looks harmless. Kanha says remember friend, killing our enemy is dharma as enemy is enemy, they cannot be spared, you have to kill them. Suddenly the boar charges at Arjun and jumps, kanha says shoot the arrow friend. Arjun shoots the arrow and the boar falls down the valley and dies, the bheel appears and does pranam and says for many years I waited for this moment prabhu, you have freed me. Arjun says who are you? how did you know the boar would attack? Kanha smiles and says it was a wild boar friend and I am my mata yashoda’s son, kanha! Arjun says what kanha? Kanha of vrindavan? Kanha says yes. Arjun says I am Arjun, the pandava son of mata kunti of hastinapura. Kanha says wow, you are my brother, as we are friends lets hug. Kanha and Arjun hug.
There balram is about to beat bheem with his mudgal, kanha and Arjun come running and kanha says stop brother, what were you about to do? You were doing wrong. Balram says I was teaching this kid the result of his friendship with a demoness. Kanha says brother stop it, you do anything without thinking, he is bheem. Balram says that I already know. Kanha says brother, you always told me that we had an aunt living in hastinapura! Balram says oh yes, aunt kunti. Kanha says these 5 are aunt kunti’s sons. Yudhishthir, nakul and sahadev also come. Balram says which means they are our brothers. Bheem gets up and smiles. Balram says I am sorry bheem. Arjun introduces everyone, balram says but why is this demoness hidimba with you? yudhishthir says brother balram, hidimba saved our lives many times through our journey and she has become our friend. Balram smiles and says so she is our friend too then. Kanha says lets go to vrindavan.

Precap: Kunti cuts the chains of vasudev and devki and she kills kansa’s soldiers. Kanha and balram brings the pandavas to their house, yashoda says who are they kanha? Kanha says they are princes of hastinapura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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