Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brij bhanu saying I will take my daughter to the greatest doctors, I will take her to Mathura to be treated.
There yashoda and nand are at satya Narayan temple. Yashoda shows her son to lord vishnu’s statue. Nand says lord Vishnu will give his blessings to our son, rohini says now we have to go to barsana to see brij bhanu and his aughter. Theya ll depart.
There all soldiers and their commander come. Commander sees as brij mandal and its villages, he says soldiers today we are ordered to take all babies and be killed by maharaj kansa. Commander says come on soldiers, find all babies and bring them to me! All soldiers go into the villages and torment the people. They start finding all kids they can and bring to the commander. Commander see the kids are grown ups and now babies, he says these are not babies who drink milk, I want babies who are with their mothers. Where are the women? Find them, they will have their babies with them. Bring them here, if we don’t kill them, god kansa will kill us. Everyone go to find the women and their babies.
Nand, yashoda and rohini are going to barsana. Yashoda says rohini you shouldn’t come with balram to barsana. Nand says yes you should stay in gokul as kansa has his soldiers in barsana, if they find you they will kill you. rohini says yes you are right. A messenger comes and says nand, kansa is furious he has sent his soldiers to brij mandal, they are finding something. Nand says what happened? Messenger says kansa has failed to kill the 8th son of devki, he is very furious and has ordered his soldiers to do something, we don’t know what yet! But it is something dangerous, going to barsana would not be safe for anyone, you have to stay in gokul. Nand says yes yashoda, he is right we have to stay in gokul for now. yashoda says yes our baby has to be safe and balram too. They all go back to gokul.
There brij bhanu is riding a bullock cart with kirti and their daughter too. There narad muni says to lord Vishnu, see lord now you are not going to barsana, devi laxmi has to open her eyes, they are in danger as brij bhanu is heading towards Mathura and there are soldiers checking everyone at the border of barsana. Devi laxmi smiles and says I will not open my eyes unless I see lord Vishnu himself. lord Vishnu smiles.
There brij bhanu reaches the border with his daughter and kirti in the cart. Soldiers stop him for checking. Brij bhanu says what happened? Soldiers say we have to check your cart, it is maharaj kansa’s orders to not leave anyone unchecked. Brij bhanu gets down. Lord Vishnu there makes his human form of baby, to throw down a golden plate. In gokul, the baby throws a plate down. As the plate revolves, there a huge storm comes and all soldiers and people are thrown down by the storm, as the storm becomes furious, brij bhanu sits back inside his bullock cart to gain control of his bulls. His bulls, suddenly change their direction and start running. brij bhanu says where are these bulls taking us? The storm stops and the bulls stop in front of a house. Narad muni says wow lord Vishnu! You did your maya and brought brij bhanu to gokul. There brij bhanu says these bulls took us in gokul in front of nand’s house. Brij bhanu gets down with his baby and kirti, he goes inside the house of nand.
Inside the house, yashoda’s baby smiles. Yashoda and nand come and see brij bhanu and kirti. Nand is happy and welcomes them, he says see what happened! We were coming to your house to meet you and see your daughter, fate brought you here. brij bhanu says yes, god has done something that the bulls brought us here. kirti takes her daughter to yashoda, yashoda says we prayed to lord Vishnu for your dauhter’s eyes. Brij bhanu says she is fine but she just doesn’t want to open her eyes, I don’t know why? the baby in the pram looks at kirti’s daughter and then puts his hand forward and touches her hand. Yashoda puts the baby inside the pram beside her son.
Lord Vishnu says see devi laxmi now open your eyes, I am beside you. devi laxmi says I am sleeping, how do I know it is you? lord Vishnu smiles. There, the son of yashoda looks at kirti’s daughter and smiles. He puts his hand forward and keeps smiling and then puts his hand on the girl’s eyes. In heaven, lord Vishnu puts his eyes on devi laxmi and touches it and tells open your eyes devi laxmi. Laxmi opens her eyes.
There the daughter of kirti opens her eyes. Everyone see this. Both the babies look at each other and smile and move their hands. Brij bhanu, kirti, yashoda and nand see and are surprised.

Precap: kansa’s wife says why did you tell soldiers to kill all babies? You don’t know who your enemy is, then it doesn’t make everyone your enemy, don’t kill them. Kansa holds the neck of his wife and holds her outside the balcony threatening to throw her all the way down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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