Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna again becomes dwarkadhish

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishad tells Krishna to accept my bhog & he takes so he tells him I have accepted & I am blessed with your devotion so ask what you wish then he says what I wanted you have completed so please take me in yourself & he boons him.
Sudama asks villagers who will take these moti’s as i am here to donate then all villagers start fighting within themselves saying I will take while mahadev is shocked seeing this.
Vishwamitra comes to Krishna pleading & asking for forgiveness & Krishna tells him you are a rishi so why are feeling wrong then he says I am blamed for you & I am blamed for your problems come on dwarka so Krishna asks what problem then he explains & Krishna understands.
The villagers are fighting while sudama understands he has done wrong so he tries to throw moti’s but Krishna comes stopping him & accepts his donation telling sudama I wish to take your donation. Sudama asks forgiveness but Krishna tells him I am thankful to you because I lead this life to complete my work too. They hug each other while all praise them. All gods are happy seeing this.
Sudama is searching Krishna in palace & finds him resting but he sees some black spots on his body so asks him what has this happened then he tells him as you have not gone to your family then you go because I permit you then sudama tells him when I wished to go you never allowed but now you have to tell me then Krishna tells him like you there is one more devotee of me named gayasoor & explains him the place where he is located. Gayasoor is in meditation while villager come asking help from him so he asks them now who is to be given moksha & tells them to meditate for shrikrishna.
All are praising him while he says lot of differences have happened but now all will get moksha. He is explaining all how you will get moksha from me. He gives the three dead people moksha.
Sudama says to krishna that this is impossible as he is doing evil deeds but why you are getting harmed with it then Krishna tells him it is because of me so somebody has to take this curse then it’s me who is facing.
All people are coming to take moksha from gayasoor while he is doing that for everybody. Sudama asks Krishna if you know gayasoor is doing this way then why don’t you stop him so Krishna tells him it’s me whom I had booned him his wish so sudama asks how come then Krishna explains him about he had started meditation for brahmadev. He was the person who had studied lessons of brahmadev to get impressed. Brahmadev immerges for him telling him you are a devotee who has impressed me so ask what you wish then he tells that I do not wish anything now so brahmadev tells him that your wish will be kept pending with me & whenever you wish you can ask.
Krishna tells sudama he started doing meditation for me.
Brahmadev tells vishnu that he is meditating for you now without expecting any wish & once he does this then he will be ultimate asoor to achieve all powers with his pure meditation & then he might do evil things so vishnu tells brahmadev that I know that to stop him I have to boon him however & I will do it.
Vishnu immerges for gayasoor telling him to open your eyes so he says I was still in meditation so vishnu tells him what you wish then he says I do not wish anything then vishnu tells him without any wish nobody does meditation so he says I was only studying meditation & vishnu tells him you have to come into vaikunth means your death so what you wish tell me then he says I was not wishing but if you wish to give me then give me your powers to give people moksha like you give to people as I will send people to vaikunth whoever wishes.
Krishna explains sudama I never wanted to boon him but conditions were accordingly that time & if I would had not given boon then problems would had arised for this world.
Vishnu boons him his wish.
Krishna tells sudama whatever he is doing he is doing evil with my boon. Sudama tells Krishna that this is big problem but some solution has to be thought then Krishna tells him this is big confusion as no solution is coming in thoughts. Sudama explains Krishna that from far away we see a mountain so big but when we go near then we can find way then Krishna asks what you mean then sudama tells him I will go to gayasoor & see what can be found.

Precap: Gayasoor is trying to become all three loks swami. Sudama requests Krishna that to kill me & save this world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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