Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radheshvar kills kansa mhaishasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhadraksh saying what light is this? I feel the world will end. Kansa says to end such powers, mhaishasura has taken birth again. the rishi says mhaishasura roopi kansa, go and fight that power you were very eager right? The rishi’s pray to lord Vishnu and go. kansa says good those rishi’s left my way otherwise I would have killed them.
Kansa goes in the forest. Bhadraksh follows but his body falls down and bhadraksh in soul comes out. Bhadraksh says what is this? I got this body after so much hard work, now bhagwan will have to see my ugly face. Bhadraksh runs behind kansa and says bhagwan why are we going inside when we have doubt that radha and Krishna are alive again? kansa says we are not going behind them because of doubt, but I have taken mhaishasura

form to kill kanha and radha, they cannot stop me. kansa and bhadraksh go.
As they reach inside, kansa says where are you radha and kanha? Where are you cowards? Kanha and radha appear in their radheshvar form. Half kanha and half radha stand tall in their huge divya form. Radha says mhaishasura roopi kansa, you have done a great adharma by taking form of mhaishasura, you brought back the dead which is against dharma, for that you will be punished. Bhadraksh says what form is this? Half radha and half kanha, I have not heard or seen this before.
Kansa says half radha, half Krishna, you both alone could not do anything and now what will your half forms do to me? I will kill you once and for all. Mhaishasura takes his weapons and runs towards radheshvar form. Radheshvar attacks a trishul and it enters the stomach of kansa mhaishasura, mhaishasura falls down and dies. Bhadraksh is shocked and says no! how did this happen? my bhagwan is gone, mhaishasura is dead. Suddenly kansa’s soul comes out and flies. Bhadraksh says bhagwan! Bhagwan. I don’t care for mhaishasura, I will go with bhagwan kansa’s soul and put him inside his own body in Mathura. Bhadraksh goes taking kansa’s soul. Mhaishasura’s body disappears.
Rishi gargacharya prays with other rishi’s and say radheshvar dev, please give life back to all people who died, do your leela mata and prabhu and save everyone. The radheshvar form uses powers and gives life back to everyone.
Balram and damodar get up and balram says it felt like something very sharp hit me. damodar says yes, lets go and find nand baba. Balram and damodar go. all people, pandavas and kunti wake up.
Yashoda, kirti, nand and brij bhanu and everyone else wake up. Nand says what had happened to us? Yashoda says where are the kids? Kirti is worried for radha and kirti and yashoda find kanha and radha. Kanha and radha come and say mom and dad, we both are here. They run and huge their parents. Rishi gargacharya comes. Yashoda says are you fine kanha? Kanha says yes mother and father, but are you both fine? they say yes. Kirti says radha are you okay? Radha says yes mother.
Brij bhanu and nand say I don’t think brijwasi’s are ever safe from kansa. Nand says yes, kansa’s dharma is to kill everyone in brij mandal. Yashoda says we were saved, but what happened gurudev? Gargacharya says devi, this was kansa’s adharma but adharma always is destroyed in front of dharma, prabhu Vishnu and mata laxmi saved everyone. Damodar says sherawali mata ki jai, everyone say jai.
Narad muni says finally, radha and Krishna came back. now dharma is all destroyed. Lord Vishnu says no devrishi, evil can never be destroyed forever. Narad muni says now devi radha is there to kill all evil power but how will evil powers be destroyed in future? Lord Vishnu says that is why Navratri is celebrated so that every year all evil powers shall be killed during Navratri.
There bhadraksh has the soul of kansa and says now I shall put it in bhagwan kansa’s body. Bhadraksh says om kansay namaha! The soul doesn’t go in, bhadraksh says how will bhagwan’s soul go inside the body? What do I do? Bhadraksh prays again and says it is not happening, now we demons have been left alone as bhagwan wont wake up again.
Narad muni says prabhu your leela is great, kansa thought he could leave his body and enter when he wanted. Now kansa’s soul wont enter and he wont be alive again. devraj indra appears and says prabhu do something, kansa’s soul is not entering his body and this is a great problem. Narad muni says what are you saying devraj? It is god for everyone that kansa will never be alive now. laxmi says no devrishi, kansa has to get alive again, because if Kansa’s soul doesn’t enter his body then his soul wont be allowed in yam lok as well because he is not yet dead, this way the soul will be turned into a great destructive power and it will cause a problem for the universe. Devrishi narad says okay and he says I will do something, he goes.
Narad muni appears in front of bhadraksh and says bhadraksh accept my pranam. bhadraksh says see bhagwan, you are not getting alive so these gods have come now. narad muni says bhadraksh, I came to help you because if kansa’s soul doesn’t go in his body he will not be alive. Bhadraksh says why this kindness suddenly? Narad muni says I am never kind to anyone, I do what is written for the future, bhadraksh you are a soul ghost as well so you can take the soul of kansa and enter Kansa’s body. Narad muni goes. Bhadraksh says this devrishi was right, bhadraksh enters with kansa’s soul inside kansa’s body himself.

Precap: radha says kansa will be back with another plan soon. Kansa meets a new demon to be sent to kill radha and kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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