Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha shows his true identity shridhar.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying you all are free, my arrow did not catch anyone, I bless you all, everyone can go. everyone goes, pralapt says bhagwan you left everyone? Why? how will we know now? kansa says pralapt I will keep a watch on everyone because I know who that person is who opened the pass, I will see what that person does ahead and then later reveal him. there kanha says we have to pick up brahma dev. Kanha bends down and says brahma dev leave the pot and let me pick you up. Shridhar says no. kanha takes the pot and then shridhar comes back in the world. Shridhar gets up and sees everyone, he looks scared, kanha says brahma dev you look tired and maybe you ate a lot of food that is why you fell down from its weight. Kanha says brahma dev you should rest in the room. nand says yes brahma dev you should go and rest for some time. Shridhar thinks I will go so that I know what kanha’s truth is.
Kanha says come on brahma dev, come behind me. Kanha goes and shridhar goes behind him. kanha thinks mother always says no truth is hidden for a long time, I will know who brahma shri is because he doesn’t seem to be what he says, he is maybe a demon sent by kansa. Kanha takes shridhar to the room and says brahma dev you rest here, I will go. shridhar sits down. Kanha says don’t think much brahma dev, rest now as you look tired. Shridhar lies down and closes his eyes. Kanha goes outside to his friends.
There akrur goes to prapti and says rani, kansa for sure knows who the culprit is and he knows you opened the pass, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent all of us away, before kansa does anything I shall go to him and confess that I opened the pass. Prapti says no akrur ji, you shall not do that. akrur says intelligence says when 2 people are stuck in a death situation one should save the life of the other. Prapti says but akrur ji, this is kansa and he never leaves anyone, he will know about both of us and torture us, let me think what to do and you go. prapti says that will be better. Akrur says okay and goes, aarti comes in. aarti says prapti kansa is sure and has total doubt on this akrur, he has opened the pass. Prapti says no sister, akrur did not open the pass, I did. Aarti is shocked and says what? Prapti says yes I wanted to help vasudev and devi devki.
Laxmi says to lord Vishnu that what will happen now prabhu? What about shridhar? He is a demon and is a threat. Lord Vishnu says now shridhar will get what he deserves according to his karma, he will know the truth. Laxmi says but he is a demon and took your name Narayan in a hateful way for so many years. Lord Vishnu says whoever takes my name takes it in their own emotion and they get their karma according to that.
There shridhar dreams, he is near the banyan tree in gokul and sees kanha playing the flute. Shridhar says stop playing that music. Kanha says what happened brahma shri? Another kanha appears and says see shridhar, I am only your Narayan, I have come. Shridhar sees kanha everywhere and kanha says shridhar I am only your Narayan. Kanha says I am Narayan. Shridhar says no and screams as he listens to the sound. He suddenly wakes up scared and says this child is divya, I cannot stay here for another minute. Shridhar gets up and starts running out of the house, he breaks a pot by mistake. Kanha and his friends see him. kanha says what happened brahma dev? Shridhar gets scare and runs away as kanha says take the pot of dakshina at least brahma dev. Kanha says now mother will scold me as brahma dev ran away without taking dakshina and even though I did not do anything.
Nand and yashoda and everyone else come. Kanha says mother that brahma dev. Yashoda says where is brahma dev kanha? And who broke the pot? Kanha says brahma dev did not break it. nand says if he did not break it why are you taking his name? balram says let me tell you what happened. Balram says kanha was planning with his friends to make brahma dev run away from here. yashoda says what? Kanha says no mother. Yashoda says did you plan kanha? Kanha says yes mother we were planning to oust brahma dev. Balram says see kaka and kaki, I said the truth, kanha planned to make brahma dev run away. Yashoda says why did you do this kanha? Yashoda says see nand ji, now brahma dev has not given his blessings and taken the dakshina, kanha is in danger now. nand says don’t worry so much yashoda I will go and give dakshina to brahma dev. Kanha says but where do we know his house? Nand says I will find it. yashoda says this is all because of you kanha, I will never talk to you. yashoda goes as kanha says mother wait. Kanha says now I will only go and give the dakshina.

Precap: kanha now goes in brahma rakshasa’s cave and says brahma dev I have brought the dakshina. Shridhar is sitting there praying. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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