Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pondrik takes all people to be sacrificed.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the gopi’s saying kanha you have protected us today as we did not understand because of our foolishness but we want you to give us the knowledge of life so that we don’t do such mistakes again. kanha says a mantra and starts teaching them the knowledge of life as lord Vishnu smiles.
The gopi’s later say kanha our life is holye and we are grateful to you.
Kansa says do you know why I made you the god of those people? So that you make them do what I want and then kanha is separated from them, then I would kill him but what did you do? Bhadraksh says what god is he? I had to get beaten up by demons there, there was no one. Pondrik says but I am a god, I am vishnu’s avatar. Kansa laughs and says you are vishnu’s avatar? Kansa traps pondrik in his spell which hurts him and then kansa releases him and says that kanha is vishnu’s avatar, you have to do one thing, bring that kanha to me so that I kill him. pondrik says give me one chance to prove that I am vishnu’s avatar. Kansa says do what I say, otherwise next time you will be dead. Pondrik goes.
There people say pondrik bhagwan ki jai! Please tell us something that will make our life great. Pondrik thinks yes disciples! That will happen to you all.
There kanha goes to mata cow and says I know why you are sad because no one is doing their karma, but I will do it. radha comes and says kanha, what did you do? Kanha says what do you mean? Radha says we have to fix a huge problem, the problem of pondrik. Why don’t you tell everyone you are lord vishnu’s avatar? Kanha says radha, why do you think I am avatar of prabhu Vishnu? If even you think I am god, then it is no use of convincing people that pondrik is no god, they will then make me their god.
There pondrik tells all people, my disciples I will free you from everything from all moksh and that is sacrifice and death! You will be free from all moksh in life and I will give you salvation. All people including yashoda and nand say jai bhagwan pondrik ki and say we will follow you god. They go behind pondrik.
There balram comes to kanha and says kanha all people of vrindavan are gone, I cannot see anyone. Suddenly from the houses, kanha’s friends scream from windows and say let us out, save us kanha! Let us out. Kanha says what happened dhama? All friends say let us out kanha. Kanha,radha and balram open all doors and ask the friends what happened. The friends say kanha all people have gone behind pondrik to sacrifice themselves for moksha and we tried to stop them but they locked us in. kanha says I have to stop them.
All people reach Yamuna river with pondrik. Pondrik says people you can sacrifice yourself for moksh through many ways, one is jal-samamdhi and other is agni Samadhi! Damodar says prabhu but we are scared of death. Pondrik says don’t worry my disciples, I am with you and we shall enter the Yamuna river and everyone will attain freedom from life and salvation. Pondrik thinks now stop them kanha.

Precap: kanha and all friends try to stop the people as they enter the Yamuna praying to pondrik.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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