Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa welcomes kunti at mathura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the apsara saying forgive me, please forgive me I did a mistake. Lord ram says every human does mistakes and I cannot take back the curse but in dwaparyuga, my Krishna avatar will free you of the curse. Laxmi says rambha has been waiting till now for kanha.
There Rambha says prabhu, free me prabhu. Kanha touches the stone form of Rambha and she is freed. Rambha says prabhu, I am grateful that you gave me freedom! Rambha disappears. Kanha then sees a spear and says this is the same spear that killed my human form. In flashback, as lord ram and arjun’s treta yug form meditate and pray, a spear comes and hits lord ram and he suffers from pain. Friend gets up and says what happened? Who dared to do this? A tribal human comes running and says where is my prey?

He then sees lord ram and arjun’s treta yug form and says what have I done! Forgive me Narayana! I did not do anything on purpose, I thought an animal was inside here. the friend curses the human and says from today you shall turn to a varaha(boar) and roam around this world. Lord ram says you did not do anything on purpose so I shall bless you, in dwapar yug when human and god meet again then Arjun shall free you from your curse. The varaha goes. Arjun’s form goes to find a medicine.
There kanha says even today you are finding the medicine Arjun, that time you were finding it to save me but now you find it to save hidimba and this time you will get it. there Arjun finds the herb and he says yes this is the medicine, he takes it and gives it to bheem who crushes it and makes a paste. Kunti puts the paste on hidimba’s wounds.
There kanha prays to mahadev and mahadev appears. He says mahadev, everything is happening as you said. Mahadev says Narayana! You know what will happen and this time human and god shall meet again and be best friends.
There hidimba gets up instantly and says thank you for saving my life. Kunti says hidimba, how did your wounds close so fast? Hidimba says mata, we are demons and demons have more power in their life systems than humans so I healed faster. Bheem says at least we got to know how powerful your life system is. Hidimba laughs. kunti says hidimba, thank you for saving the lives of my sons. Hidimba says don’t thank me mata, they are all my friends. Arjun says then we shall go now to vrindavan, yudhishthir says no we have to go to Mathura. Kunti says no sons, I am going to Mathura. Arjun says then where will we go? kunti says you will all go to vrindavan with hidimba. Bheem says you will go alone to Mathura? Kunti says it is an order. Bheem says okay. The pandavas go with hidimba towards vrindavan and kunti walks to Mathura.
Balram meets kanha and brings fruits and says eat it kanha. Kanha says wow! Balram says rather you eat the beatings of my mudgal. Kanha says why and he runs as balram follows him. balram says I have been finding you since when and you are somewhere else, now I feel like eating the fruits I brought for you. kanha says eat it brother, anyway my hunger will calm down only if I eat butter. Kanha and balram go towards vrindavan.
There kansa comes to entrance of Mathura with soldiers, bhadraksh and some women to welcome kunti. Kunti comes inside and bhadraksh says bhagwan see kunti has come. Kunti comes and says maharaj kansa! Kansa says oh my god, the queen of hastinapura, kunti! Welcome, welcome. Kunti says I have already met your demon bhadraksh. Kansa says what? Bhadraksh did you meet devi kunti? Bhadraksh falls ta kansa’s legs and says yes bhagwan, I went there to kill them but I failed. Kansa says what? How dare you do that bhadraksh? Bhadraksh says forgive me bhagwan. Kansa removes his sword to kill bhadraksh but kunti stops him and says it is no need of that kansa. Kansa gives the sword to bhadraksh and says see how kind she is, she still wants you to live. Kansa says devi kunti, you were attacked by a ghost and you still came here! kunti says I am the queen of hastinapura kansa! Even kansa cannot dare to kill me, I have come to meet my brother vasudev and his wife devki here.

Precap: kunti is shocked to see vasudev in chains, she frees them using a sword and then kills kansa soldiers. Kanha meets ajrun and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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