Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mandhrachal vows to take revenge against vishnu.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa bhadraksh and mandhrachal talking. Mandhrachal says kansa why have you called me? what do you want? Kansa says mandhrachal, you have been lying here for years while the gods and Vishnu there live in luxury, you were denied what Vishnu promised you. but I have come to offer you a chance to take your revenge and also get what you deserve, a place amongst the gods and being the king of mountains. Mandhrachal says no one can kill Vishnu. kansa says I know that but Vishnu has again taken an avatar in vrindavan by the name of kanha or as everyone knows Paramavatar shri Krishna! Rishi shokracharya comes.
In vrindavan, kanha is eating food and radha says kanha tell me where were you? why did you lie to me? kanha says gopi, where did I lie to you? I was in the forest, and since morning I haven’t eaten anything so please stop talking and let me eat. Kanha eats. Radha says no kanha, I want my answer now. Kanha says gopi why are you disturbing me while eating? Do you think everyone is entitled to answer to you? let me eat now. Radha gets emotional and says kanha today you showed me, you don’t care about me, you insulted me while I am asking you something, I wont talk to you. radha goes. kanha says this gopi is so tough to be with, now I have to convince her.
Kanha’s disciple, karmabai is ready to serve bhog for prabhu Vishnu. karmabai takes dry rice and some lentils and with what food she has, she goes to the temple of lord Vishnu and serves the bhog. Karmabai starts praying and singing a prayer song for Vishnu and kanha.
Kanha is under the banyan tree playing flute and some gopi’s dance around him. the gopi’s welcome kanha to walk around playing the flute, kanha keeps playing flute with the sweet music.
In the temple, some Brahmins come and stop karmabai and say how dare you serve such a bhog? Karmabai says is it a sin to pray to my prabhu? The Brahmins say you are a widow and there are rules for prayer, you have served uncooked food and the bhog is incomplete, you cannot pray to our prabhu like this as you insult him and you have made this temple unholy. The Brahmins push karmabai out and karmabai says but god never says he wants special bhog, every disciple can serve him by whatever means they can. The Brahmins say how dare you question us learned rishi’s? you will be punished for this feat you were doing. Karmabai cries and says please Brahman dev, I was just praying to my prabhu. The rishi’s say you shall be punished and for something like this, we will color your face black. Karmabai says please don’t do this.
There rishi shokracharya tells mandhrachal, go and kill the kurma avatar of Vishnu. mandhrachal says but Vishnu is powerful. Shokracharya says don’t worry mandhrachal, I have the power to give life to dead demons, I will use that power to give you life back if you die, you can kill kurma avatar so that the other avatars can also be killed and by that kansa can kill the Krishna avatar of Vishnu too. mandhrachal says then I shall go and take my revenge by killing the kurma avatar.
There the rishi’s color their hands black and say foolish woman, you will be punished for your sin. The rishi brings his hand near the face of karmbai to put black color on it, karmabai says please no. kanha comes and says no, wait brahma dev! Stop!

Precap: kanha thinks of teaching a lesson to the egoistic Brahmins. Mandhrachal comes with a plan to summon kurma avatar of Vishnu to kill it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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