Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna fees nishad while sudama is donating dwarka

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nishad talking emotionally that now I have given all statue’s of Narayan & also have taken forgiveness from villagers so I am clean & won’t die but he sees his death again & gets confused why I am seeing my death again then Krishna comes asking him what happened so he explains then Krishna tells him still your evil’s are not yet washed out because you have not offered bhog to Narayan so he says then I have all the wealth which I will offer him then Krishna tells him that wealth is stolen but you have to work hard to earn wealth & then to offer so he accepts his advice. Krishna says I know why you are in this trouble only if I could have taken food from you last time in avatar of shri ram.
Nishad is crying besides his wife & saying prabhu shri ram would have eaten this food from us then we would had been blessed. All his villagers are instigating him this all happens with our community that’s why we are not blessed because such raja’s do as per their wish. He gets instigated & says all are selfish so please forgive me as I am leaving your devotion. Krishna says that’s why I am here to bring you out of this evil thoughts.
Sudama asks dwarika saying you had told me this chain if given to Krishna then he will accept & come back so she tells him that I had told you if any problems arise on dwarka then he will come & she explains him how he will come of reminding him the story of bali donating Krishna then sudama says I understood.
Nishad is asking forgiveness from all villagers & telling them to please give him some work to do efforts but they are cursing him & telling him to go away as we can’t forget what you have done with us but he is still pleading them that I will do anything but to give me some work but they ignore him & leave while he keeps crying. Krishna comes to help him & takes him along.
Vishwamitra is getting angry with guru gargacharya cursing him how can he stop me this way.
Sudama prays krishna’s statue asking forgiveness & he is shouting all people as gods also listen his voice & dev rishi says he is going to announce something important that’s why we can hear his voice while villagers are shocked. Sudama says I wish to donate dwarka so this is available to anybody. Dev rishi says what he has done or if evils get this in their hands then evil things will happen so need to stop this.
Vishwamitra says what he is doing then guru gargacharya comes explaining him it is because of you this is happening so you will be responsible for this wrong things to happen & your status will be squeezed from you & you will be called as an evil then he pleads guru saying please help me form this then he tells him to meditate for Krishna so he does & gets free. Guru tells him to go & act fast so the wrong things won’t happen.
Krishna brings nishad to a river so he asks him what is this then Krishna explains him as he sits in the boat & he tells him to make me cross this river so he does. Krishna tells him you have done this job so your all evils are washed out then he asks still I have not got my fruit of efforts then krishna gives him grains & he reminds of the past at the time of shri ram’s period & understands that Krishna is none other than his prabhu so he bends down crying saying you came for me to bring in me light so krsihna tells him god does not ignore his devotees & asks him now to give me food so he tells him it was my wish since so many years left behind & I will.
Sudama is explaining all villagers about vaijantimala that everything is there so ask what all you wish then villagers ask various items & sudama prays Krishna to forgive as I have to donate your dwarka.
Nishad tells Krishna to accept my bhog & he takes so he tells him I have accepted & I am blessed with your devotion so asks what you wish then he says what I wanted you have completed so please take me in yourself & he boons him.

Precap: Sudama is donating while Krishna comes to accept & becomes dwarkadhish again. An evil comes doing evil things so sudama asks Krishna when you know this then why you are not stopping him but Krishna tells him I had given him boon that he can give moksha to anybody.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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