Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa kills radha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gargacharya saying, kanha and radha, kansa mhaishasura is coming here you both go from here to gopeshwar temple, kansa can do no harm to you there. Kanha says we are going so that our parents and all villagers can be protect, they go. kansa comes and says gargacharya where are they both? Kanha and radha? Gargacharya says you killed everyone kansa, now whom are you finding? Bhadraksh says first you are trying to fool bhagwan kansa, and now you are making an innocent face! Tell bhagwan where are kanha and radha? Rishi says I cannot tell you anything. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, now I am sure he knows.
Narad muni says mata, kansa killed everyone and everything is happening wrong! Now if kansa finds kanha and radha, then he will do anything to kill them, were they

born for this? Laxmi says devrishi, if kanha and radha can together make this universe, then they can also destroy anyone. Narad says then why are they hiding? Laxmi says they are not hiding, they are finding a way to kill kansa.
Kansa tells gargacharya, I know you are a disciple of that Vishnu! So don’t try to hide anything, otherwise I will kill you. gargacharya holds his staff and gets angry, he says kansa mhaishasura! You are finding your own death, don’t think you cannot be killed because your death is written in the hands of paramavatar shri Krishna. kansa says you are wasting my time, and I don’t want to listen to you, you are no use to me so I will cut off your head. Kansa removes his axe, bhadraksh stops him and says wait bhagwan! Wait. Don’t kill him because you have already killed everyone, now only these 3 are left, kanha, radha and gargacharya! Kansa says he is no use to me. bhadraksh says if you kill kanha and radha then at least someone has to be alive as witness that you killed kanha and radha and changed the aakashvani. Kansa says yes, so gargacharya will write my story.
Kanha tells radha, I have to go gopi as I have to find a way to kill kansa and it is better we both stay separated so that kansa will have a problem finding us. radha says you are right kanha, you go. kanha says don’t come out of gopeshwar temple gopi, you will be safe here. kanha goes.
There kansa is finding kanha. Kanha comes with his stick and says I am here kansa mhaishasura! Kansa says so you are here. today you will die kanha, I will prove aakashvani wrong and kill you and where is your Shakti? That radha? Kanha says my Shakti is inside me and if radha was here, you wouldn’t get this much time to talk, you would have been dead. Kansa says I wont attack you are you are armless, remove your weapons. Kanha says I have my stick and for demons like you, the stick of a gwala is enough.
Kansa removes a black spiked spear and says look at this, I will kill you with this. Kanha throws his stick on kansa and kansa mhaishasura falls down as the spear is destroyed. Kanha says I told you my stick is enough for you. kansa gets up and removes his sword, kanha hits kansa’s hand and the sword falls down. Kanha then starts beating kansa mhaishasura! Kansa gets hurt and kanha hits him on the head.
Narad muni says I am amazed, how there is so much power in a simple stick. Laxmi says this is your prabhu’s leela, whatever he takes turns into a divya weapon.
Kansa says first I will break his stick and then I will kill him. kanha says I told you kansa mhaishasura, you cannot fight a simple stick. Kanha attacks again and kansa then holds the stick, he goes to kanha and holds his neck and lifts kanha. Kanha’s stick falls down and kanha says leave me kansa mhaishasura.
Radha there says where is kanha? He hasn’t yet come, I have to go and find. Radha goes and sees kanha being choked. Kanha says gopi! Kansa says first I will kill your Shakti. Radha comes running. kansa attacks an arrow and radha gets hit and falls down as she screams in pain. Kanha says no gopi! Kanha goes running and he is hit by an arrow on the back, kanha falls down near radha. Kanha and radha have tears as they say we are separated now, we have to be together. As they are trying to hold hands, kansa shoots another arrow and makes a hole between them. Kanha and radha fall away and die.
Kansa laughs and says I have proved aakashvani wrong. I killed both kanha and radha, I changed my fate.
Indra dev says brahma dev, how is this possible? Brahma dev says nothing is certain.
Kansa says now Vishnu, I will kill you and destroy your vaikunth dham! Kansa attacks another arrow that goes through the universe but disappears. The bow of amogas astra disappears from kansa’s hand.

Precap: radha and Krishna take divya form to kill kansa mhaishasura. Radha says you have to be killed for your sins kansa mhaishasura. Radha attacks her trishul on kansa.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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