Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi vajrashawa is punished.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying rishi you don’t have the right to tell anyone to sacrifice themselves. Rishi vajrashawa says kid you don’t know who I am, don’t you dare to talk to me. kanha says I know who you are, no father can tell his son to do something like this. Rishi vajrashawa says enough how dare you talk to me like this? You don’t know who I am, I have the blessing of brahma dev that whatever I say can come true so if I curse you now, you will burn to ashes. Kanha says this is what I am saying, you are egoistic and angry and such a human being is adharmi, a father who is angry and tells his son to kill himself is adharmi. Rishi gets angry and says so you are rishi gargacharya? You are his guru? Give him some sense, you all are very foolish. Gargacharya says you

are not learnt, you are egoistic and that will punish you. Radha says yes, we have come here to punish you. Rishi vajrashawa says I will curse you all, he takes his water but radha says stop rishi. Radha thinks you will curse then when you will be able to speak, radha uses her power and mute’s rishi vajrashawa. Rishi gargacharya says rishi you are not worth being a rishi, you shall be stripped of your position. The other rishi’s go and remove all mala’s of rishi vajrashawa and take him away from the ashram as he struggles. Vajrashawa’s wife comes and says please leave him, I know my husband has done a mistake but please forgive him. kanha says kaki don’t get in between because your husband has cursed your son nachiket to die and go with yam dev, he is adharma and has to be punished.
The rishi’s leave vajrashawa on the ground and go. vajrashawa suffers and he gets up thirsty, he goes towards a river. Kanha and radha come and kanha says you know radha what you have to do. Radha says yes, an adharmi cannot get water so easily. Vajrashawa steps in the water but doesn’t get any water, he then walks in the village and asks food by showing signs to a woman. The woman says sit down I will bring food for you. Rishi sits. The woman brings food but kanha and radha come and radha says no kaki don’t give him food, he is rishi vajrashawa, he is very egoistic and short tempered, if he doesn’t like food then he will curse you. Kanha says yes he cursed his own son in anger and sent his soul with yamraj as vajrashawa has got a blessing from brahma dev that whatever he shall say can become true. The woman gets angry and all people get angry, woman says beat him this adharmi man cursed his own son. the people beat vajrashawa and he falls down. gargacharya comes and stops them and kanha then prays to yamdev and says appear yamdev. Yamdev comes. kanha says without your help yamdev, we cannot make vajrshawa realize his mistake. Yamdev uses his paash and takes the soul of vajrashawa, the soul comes and says what am I seeing? I am dead and my body is lying here. Kanha removes all people from statue and people say such an evil man should die like this, another man says we should not do his funeral he deserves this only let him rot. Again everyone is turned statue and they go. the soul says so much hate for me, this is my karma! What I have done I have suffered but now its too late. Kanha says yam dev rishi has realized his mistake, it is time. Yamdev puts back the soul and goes. rishi gets up and says I am alive, I am fine. Kanha says you saw right rishi? What will happen when you die? People wont do your funeral. Rishi asks for forgiveness and says where is my son nachiket? Rishi rsgargacharya says he is in vrindavan even now calling his death. Rishi cries and says nachiket. Rishi goes to nachiket and stops him and says my son, forgive me my son! please I was egoistic of my blessing and did all this. Nachiket says forgive me father, I have not yet got death. Rishi says no son don’t do anything, I ask for forgiveness and yamdev I take back my curse. Kanha, radha and gargacharya come. Nachiket says what are you doing father? if you take back any curse then you have to suffer it. Rishi says I shall suffer my karma, I don’t want to live, brahma dev I take back all the curses I have given till now and even my son’s death curse and I shall suffer it myself. Brahma dev please kill me, give me death punishment. Yamdev appears and takes the soul of vajrashawa and goes. rishi dies and nachiket cries. Gargacharya says nachiket, now do the last rites of your father as he is dead. Nachiket says yes.
In vrindavan, nachiket thanks nand and yashoda and says thank you taking care of me as parents. Nachiket thanks balram for protecting him. balram says I shall thank you rather because first time in my life, I got to fight yamraj. Nachiket thanks kanha and says I shall always owe you everything kanha, you have done everything for me and saved my life. nachiket hugs kanha and does pranam and goes.
At night, radha is sleeping and she hears a woman singing he khag, he mrig! Radha follows the sound and reaches the forest, she sees light and says the voice is from here. Kanha gets up and says I heard something. Kanha goes too.

Precap: lord Vishnu tells narad muni the story of lord ram and the khag and mrig story of devi sati and mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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