Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: All gopi’s bath in lake without clothes.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pondrik attracting all gopi’s to him by using his flute. Pondrik says gopiyo, I am your bhagwan and want good for you, you have the right to bath with freedom in this lake of vrindavan! You can have the freedom to bath without your clothes which otherwise you have to be scared, it is your right as women and no one can stop you from that. If you believe in bhagwan pondrik, then I give you all freedom, nothing can question you because it is your right. The gopi’s say is that true bhagwan? We have never thought of this but now we also think it is our right, what you say is true bhagwan, we shall bath as we wish. Pondrik blesses them and goes.
The gopi’s enter the river and remove their clothes and keep it out. As they bath, balram watches this scene and says this evil pondrik fooled the gopi’s into doing adharma! balram says I will tell kanha. Balaram goes.
Kanha is in the village and balram comes and says kanha, I saw pondrik attract all gopi’s of our village towards him by playing his flute, he has made the gopi’s do adharma and convinced them that they shall bath in open waters without their clothes as it is their freedom, I am sure this is kansa’s trick as he is going to put hands on the respect of the gopi’s. kanha says I wont let anyone do this to any woman!
There bhadraksh comes near the lake and he says now these gopi will know what is going to happen. Bhadraksh laughs and says their respect shall be taken away. In the sky, some flying demons look here and there and say we will enjoy some women today. Bhadraksh appears there and says you foolish demons, cant you see women in the lake in vrindavan? The demons say what, is that true? We will have fun then. As the gopi’s bath, the demons land on ground in some mist and fog area. Kanha sits on a tall tree and watches this and he smiles.
The demons enter the misty area but come back and tell bhadraksh, there is no lake there and no women, what are you saying? Bhadraksh gets confused and says that is not possible, there are women there and a lake. The demons check again and say no one is there. Bhadraksh is angry and he checks himself, he comes and says yes there is no one. Kanha lands down and says so you thought someone was there. Kanha uses a paash and beats the demons and he puts this paash on bhadraksh, bhadraksh’s skin burns and he screams in pain and disappears. Kanha sits on the tree and he removes the mist and sees the lake with the gopi’s bathing.
There bhadraksh goes to kansa and tells him everything. kansa gets angry and calls pondrik to Mathura.
The gopi’s see kanha and say we have to come out kanha, give us our clothes. Kanha says it is on the tree, take it yourselves. The gopi say you are shameless kanha, you want to see us like this? Kanha says I did not tell you to go and bath without clothes in an open lake. The women say kanha it is our freedom to bath without clothes and it is our right, we are enjoying our freedom. Kanha says no gopi’s, this is not freedom but you are just thinking it is your freedom, you can do anything in your closed doors in your houses but in open waters you should not bath without clothes as it is adharma! you were pulled into this adharma as pondrik taught you wrong about life. Anyone could put hands on your respect, what would you do then? The gopi’s understand and say yes, you are right kanha, we did this adharma and did not think about our respect, help us kanha, bless us and protect us because we cannot come out to take our clothes. Kanha closes his eyes and he blesses the gopi’s, and long saree cloth comes out of the blessing and they cover the gopi’s. the gopi’s are happy and come out of the lake.
There pondrik goes to Mathura and kansa says bhagwan pondrik! Kansa presses the throat of pondrik as he chokes.

Precap: Pondrik takes all people to the Yamuna river to sacrifice themselves, kanha tries to stop them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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