Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Mata laxmi saves sudama from sacrificing devotion of krishna

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudama going for taking oath to stop devotion of Krishna while vishwamitra sees him & says that I won’t allow to join shreehari as Krishna needs to go from the test which I have given so he tries to kill sudama saying this is the only way out & all will blame Krishna but as he uses his powers then his powers are stopped by guru gargacharya saying that nobody can stop this so vishwamitra tells him to not to stop me or I will use such a weapon that nobody can stop that so gargacharya says in front of Krishna no weapon works & vishwamitra tries to use brahmastra but gurudev clutches that weapon with chanting mantra of vasudeo & vishwamitra gets shocked thinking how can this happen & shouts guru gargacharya while he tells him that this will pull you towards krishna’s devotion.
Krishna comes to nishad’s den seeing him while he says you have to make your habit without bhog to Narayan & Krishna says today you have changed so much for stopping all people to do my Pooja while that was the time when you use to tell people to do my devotion & was waiting for me on ganga river.
Nishad talks with Krishna & Rukmini saying today is my biggest day by getting blessings from you. Krishna tells him we don’t have much time as we have to cross ganga river so tell me what you wish then he tells him to please come to my place so Krishna comes to him place & he is welcomed with lots of love washing krishna’s legs by him. He says this water is pure for us & throws drops of water on his house while Krishna & Rukmini are very happy seeing this. He also say that our house has become vaikunth & Krishna tells him I am glad that you are happy & tells him now that you have to take me to cross ganga so he tells him to have food first but Krishna tells him we are on travel so we can’t take food from anybody but he tells him that my soul will roam if you do not have food here but Krishna tells him I will but next time.
Krishna says that’s why you are depressed of that time because I did not had food but now I will have but first I have do your treatment.
Sudama is crying on river expressing his emotions to Krishna what I am sacrificing today that your devotion to stop by taking oath in front of all gods.
Rukmini says after sudama’s oath we will become together as shreehari but brahmadev immerges to explain her saying this decision is wrong but she tells him you did not divide shreehari then brahmadev explains her that he also could not have gone to sacrifice devotion & he explains her the lessons of devotion from a devotee so she understands but asks him now it has being too late to stop him so he tells her that I did not told you stop him but to stop people from not doing devotion so she understands.
Sudama is crying telling Krishna to accept his oath by falling water from his pot & saying from not doing devotion to you but mata laxmi comes stopping his water falling down & she explains him that you don’t have to do this now so sudama says that I have already taken oath but she tells him I have stopped this water from falling down & she explains him so sudama gets happy saying if you forgotten me then lets go to dwarka & I’ll join shreehari together again so she tells him now you will see by my vision so take this water which I hold & he takes water so his vision returns & he gets very happy saying now lets go & I will join you both together again.
Krishna in disguise of beggar comes talking with nishad asking him where is devotee nishad so he gets angry saying there is no devotee but only nishad so Krishna says that why are you getting angry as I am seeing so many narayan’s here so asked you then he says that they are here because I don’t want people to do devotion of this Narayan then he asks him can you give me food so he tells him that you are devotee so Krishna tells him I am devotees devotee & I am hungry so can I get food then he tells him I thought you needed for bhog but I have seen a special devotee like you who needs to eat first.
Sudama asks Rukmini to tell where Krishna can be so that I can bring him here to join you again together so she tells him that now he is begging on travel but you can donate him both loks again so that your all things will get cleared so sudama says I was also such a fool who did not understood such simple solution & goes to search Krishna. Rukmini praises sudama saying I have not seen such a great devotee like you who is sacrificing everything for his prabhu.

Precap: Nishad says why I am seeing I am dead while god of death tells him that you are not dead but going to die. He asks help from Krishna to stop my death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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