Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha convinces radha.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha sitting on a rock by the river. Radha is sad and kanha comes to offer her laddoo and radha denies. Kanha says gopi, don’t be sad talk to me. radha says no, I don’t want anyone now and not even you. kanha says so you don’t want to meet me again? radha says yes, why should i? I lost my mother, she loved me and I loved her, and without her I hate this world. Kanha says gopi, don’t say that. what had to happen has happened. Nothing lasts forever and one day kirti kaki had to die and that was that day! You cannot keep everyone with you forever and this was destiny. Radha says go away kanha.

Kanha thinks now I have to show radha the truth, otherwise she wont listen. Kanha says gopi, look at me once and I will show you everything that had to happen after the death of kirti kaki, she got salvation and I became purn avatar Krishna and even you became purna avatar radha. Kanha shows in his chest, the picture of himself and radha together. Radha sees and smiles, kanha says radha we are destined to be together, I am yours and you are mine! Radha understands and says kanha, I believe you, my sorrow for my mother shall always be there. radha and kanha go.

In vrindavan, akrur tells yashoda and nand that kanha is the 8th son of devki. Akrur then tells the entire story that kansa had killed the 7 sons of devki and hence, according to the aakashvani the 8th son was born. Vasudev ji brought the son and kept him here who was kanha! He took with him the daughter whom you gave birth and she was kept back in the cell. Kansa threw her out too but she was your kuldevi, devi yog maya. Nand says yes I know that, it is the truth. Yashoda is shocked and she cries and says that cannot be, you are lying. kanha is my son and only my son. akrur says yashoda think about devki and vasudev, kanha is their son and devki has been waiting for her son to come to her. Kanha is destined to kill kansa and only he can, he has to come to Mathura with me to kill kansa. Yashoda cries and says no, kanha is my son and lets assume he is the son of devki and vasudev then why have you come after so many years? Akrur says because it had to be kept away from you, it is time for kansa to die now and kanha has to come. Yashoda says no and she runs out of the house to find kanha, she goes and asks all people but doesn’t find him anywhere.

Kanha comes and yashoda holds his hand and says kanha is my son only and he will not go anywhere. Akrur, nand and all people come and yashoda says see kanha, they have all become our enemies and want to take you away from me. even your father nand believes you are not my son. kanha says mother, don’t be scared I am your son and will always be your son. yashoda goes with kanha and says you will not go anywhere.

Nand tells akrur let kanha handle this situation. Kanha stops yashoda and says mother, don’t worry and be scared. I am your son and no one will take me away from you. yashoda says these all people want to take you from me. kanha says no mother, if we go away like this then they will give names to us and say yashoda was insecure about her son. the people will say that you are not my mother, so for that I have to prove to them that I am your son. yashoda says but kanha… kanha says mother don’t be worried, I wont leave you. I will prove to everyone I am your son, lets go back home.

Precap: Yashoda says kanha akrur ji and nand ji is talking about sending you to Mathura, to fight kansa. I cannot let that happen kanha. Kanha says mother, devki and vasudev ji are in prison and I have to prove I am your son so I have to save them and kill kansa.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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