Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Holika steals clothes of people.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with some gopi’s walking from the Yamuna river back to vrindavan. As they go one gopi’s dress is taken by some power. The gopi says who took my dress? All gopi’s dresses are taken together and all say, who took our dresses? Who is there? One gopi says, must it be a demon? Radha comes and says no demons don’t take dresses, they kill people, I know who must have done this come with me. radha goes with the gopi’s.
Radha takes the gopi’s to yashoda’s house and says yashoda kaki, these gopi’s dresses were taken away and kanha has taken them. Yashoda says what are you saying radha? Why would kanha take their dresses? Radha says kaki, has anyone ever asked kanha why he steals butter? Or why he breaks pots? Or why he feeds cows stolen food? Then he only has stolen the dresses. Yashoda says let kanha come, I will scold him if he has take their dresses. Kanha comes with balram and says radha, what are you doing? Why are you putting my mother against me? radha says I am not doing anything, I am just saying the truth. Kanha says no mother, don’t believe radha, i haven’t taken anyone’s dresses. Balram thinks these gopi’s are fools to blame my prabhu. Kanha says you can ask brother balram, he was with me in aam van. Balram says yes, kanha was with me. kanha says mother believe me. suddenly kanha’s friends come covered by leaves and say kanha our dresses were taken in the forest by someone. Kanha says what happened? The friends tell when we were coming back to vrindavan, someone first took our caps and then all our dresses were taken. In flashback, holika takes the dresses of the gopi’s and kanha’s friends.
Kanha and balram say kaki, see kanha has not done anything. But we will find out who has taken the dresses and is troubling the people of vrindavan. Kanha and balram go,
Bhadraksh is with hiranyaksh and hirankashyap, he says I came here to warn you both. You sister holika has gone there to kill that kanha, but I have seen since start kanha is very powerful and he cannot be defeated easily, till now whichever demon has tried has died and all have been killed. Hiranyaksh gets angry and says shut up bhadraksh. Bhadraksh says I am saying the truth, kanha is very powerful and even something will happen to your sister holika, she will be killed again so I instead suggest that you both attack the village and kill everyone and take your revenge. Hirankashyap says bhadraksh, you are a ghost but still smart. Bhadraksh says don’t tell bhagwan kansa please. Hirankashyap says bhadraksh is right, we have to do something brother.
In the village, kanha and balram gather with radha and all friends. Kanha says here we have gathered to find the thief who is stealing all clothes of vrindavan people, we have to find the demons but we have to separate and make 2 groups. Radha balram and kanha go together and in the other are all kanha’s friends. Everyone scatter to find the thief.

Precap: kanha gets to know that holika has come back to take revenge. Kanha goes to save the village from holika’s fire.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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