Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update – Arjun & Karna show their talent.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people are praising as angraj karan’s jai while he arrives on the field & he praises dooryodhan that what you have done today it can’t be repaid with my life too so dooryodhan says that I don’t want your life but if at all you wish to give me than one thing is there that is your friendship & karna promises him so dooryodhan says that today you are anga raja & your challenge will not be ignored by Arjun so go & prove yourself that world’s biggest warrior is not Arjun but you.
Arjun walks towards the field while his mother radha calls him from behind & they meet each other. She is talking with him that I knew you will do something in life & by becoming raja you have changed your history itself so he says that whatever

I am is only because of you. Kunti & Krishna feels happy. They hug each other very emotionally. Bhim calls him to take your mother out of the field & get ready for war.
Karna talks about the eyes which are closed of this world due to ego will now be opened because a raja’s son is going to get defeated by hands of sood’s son. Arjun looks at his bow while guru drone is watching him.
Arjun comes on the field while all are watching.
They both are getting ready for start of competition praying their bow’s.
Arjun shoots his arrow bringing rains while karna shoots his arrow bringing sun. All are shocked & surprised.
Krishna explains that this competition is not between Arjun & karna but between two gods also as both their supporting gods have come to help them & this competition is going to be world’s special competition.
They both are shooting their arrows towards each other which destroy each other’s arrows so both of their bow’s too vanish from their hands. All are shocked watching this. They both pray & bring their bow’s back in their hands while kunti is pleading Krishna. Guru drone is surprised while Krishna is watching him thinking that guru can’t you remember this great bow & guru drone remembers thinking in himself that this bow is of my guru parshurma but how karna got this?
Both are again getting ready to shoot their arrows while drone is in confusion so Krishna says I think he need my help & as the sun shines drone understands that karna’s guru none other than guru parshuram itself & he is surprised seeing this.
Krishna explains that in this war whoever wins but ultimate loser will be mother so I never advised guru drone for this war to happen as it was going to happen anyhow but when the times comes of gauravas evils are filled then all aaryawar’s army will be in this field of kurukshetra but till time I have to stop this war.
Guru drone stops both of them saying that this competition has to end here now & Krishna is smiling.
Arjun is asking guru why as he has still not defeated karna so guru tells him it is not good to use weapons at the time of sunset. Karna is looking on the sky while guru says so I can’t allow my student to do wrong but karan ays why you can’t say this that you are scared by your students defeat so guru is quiet & Arjun tells gurudev he has insulted you so he should be punished so guru calms Arjun telling him whatever reason be but I won’t allow you & he explains that this is a rule that no warrior can use his weapon at the time of sunset. And this competition was arranged only to test rajkumar’s study which they have achieved comfortably so with the orders of maharaj I end this competition her itself & future results will decided by fate. Arjun takes blessings of gurudev.
Dooryodhan comes telling guru drone that today you have stopped by getting Arjun defeated but in future you won’t be able to stip so guru tells him I do not know of the future but one thing is clear that evils cannot win & he leaves.
All pandav brothers come to take along Arjun with them
Dooryodhan comes to karna saying as you got an area to rule so you forgot your friend then he ask I did not understood so dooryodhan tells him toady your have become raja so you won’t call me for celebration then he replies why not as we will definitely later & karna leaves while all are praising dooryodhan & he is happy talking with dushyasan happily.
Bhishma is talking with maharaj as this is a big day for hastinapur & maharaj tells bhishma that as vasudev Krishna is also here so we have to take his advice too for announcement of yuvraj so Krishna says this is my honor & he says that no outside person has rights to speak or advice in this area of talks so shakuni understands this that he is stopping me & he says that I have not given any kind of advice to maharaj to whom to make yuvraj so vidur tells maharaj now it is clear to decide or you as assembled people had already adviced you whom to make & bhishma is telling maharaj it is going to benefit the people of our place itself so your decision should not affect people within any differences so you have to announce him only who is able to handle this huge hastinapur ‘s rule.
The announcer is giving indications to all people that maharaj is going to give a big announcement.
Maharaj says whatever happened in the field today regarding competition which we saw & understood about the lessons they all have learnt for which I am very happy & satisfied with guru drone’s study so guruvansh’s big set-up of this big place’s future’s decision time has come to be taken. Time has come to announce hastinapur’s yuvraj & I feel glad that with hastinapur’s assembly people’s advice to make that son a yuvraj who is very attached to me & he is “YUDHISHTIR”. Dooryodhan & all his brothers are angered while kunti’s sister holds her hands happily.
Krishna explains about the truth which hurts by which scary part happens. By this dooryodhan is hurt which will lead to mahabharat one day.
All pandav brothers are happy saying this is our biggest win while all people are praising yuvraj yudhishtir. Dooryodhan says this is impossible that how father can give my rights to yushishtir.
Krishna explains about how the truth will lead to mahabharat because of evil acts which will be started by dooryodhan inspite he maharaj’s son who was contender of yuvraj’s seat.
Krishna is telling his akroorji that yudhishtir became the yuvraj & akroor says this is good but you had to stop for your bua some days so Krishna tells him I too felt the sme as I also wanted to see the difficulties which will be faced by yudhishtir in becoming his yuvra. Akroor is praising Krishna that this is your speciality. All women are doing Pooja of shri Krishna in dwarka.

Precap: A giant bear comes in dwarka at night searching where is flute player while all villagers are running shouting & getting scared with him. Krishna is asking villagers why you all are here in mid-night as is everything ok then villagers say that in your place what will happen wrong but we have seen one huge bear animal so he asks are you sure then I will personally se who is that huge animal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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