Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha, balram come home.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha sitting on a palki. All men pick the palki and bring kanha and balram in vrindavan. Everyone dance, and praise kanha and say hathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiya lal ki. As everyone chant the words together, the gopi’s of vrindavan come with each one bringing butter. The gopi’s say kanha eat butter first from us, we made it at home. the gopi’s fight amongst themselves as to who shall give kanha butter first. Kanha says wait everyone, don’t fight I will eat everyone’s butter. Kanha gets down and he says chance by chance, I shall eat everyone’s butter. Kanha eats the butter and says I have to go home and meet mata yashoda now. kanha and balram go.

At home, yashoda has made all types of food items and sweets for kanha and balram. She feels excited and says kanha shouldn’t feel that I haven’t made food for him. kanha and balram come home and kanha says mother I have come. Yashoda runs to kanha and hugs him. kanha says I missed you all. Nand comes and he hugs balram and says kids, finally you have come back. yashoda says to kaha and balram, I have made all your favorite food items and sweets. Balram says I am famished as I haven’t eaten much since ujjaini to here. yashoda says you should eat food. Kanha and balram sit and yashoda says I have made all 56 bhog items for you both. balram eats the sweets and says these are so delicious. Kanha and balram finish eating food and kanha says mother, my stomach is full now but it doesn’t feel like my mind is satisfied. Yashoda says why kanha?

Isn’t the food delicious? Kanha says it is mother, but still I think I haven’t eaten food from your hands. Yashoda feeds butter to kanha and kanha then says now I feel even my mind is satisfied. Kanha says mother, from now everyone shall not know me only as Krishna but your name shall come along with mine. I shall be known as Yashoda-nandan Krishna. yashoda hugs kanha.

Kansa is a fire demon and soldiers attack arrows on him. kansa gets out from the lava and stands tall as the demons beat kansa. Kansa doesn’t get hurt and the demons fall down as they try to hit kansa. Then the demons praise kansa and says bhagwan kansa ki jai! Kansa says I am impressed. The demons go. bhadraksh tells kansa that when shall they kill kanha? Because he has become purna avatar now. kansa says chakradhari, I shall kill kanha soon, in 10 days at the night of Amavasya I announce that kanha shall die.

Precap: kansa plans with bhadraksh to kill kanha in 10 days. Kanha says to balram, now that I have sudarshan chakra and I am purn avatar, kansa will plan against me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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