Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa uses amoga astra.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narad muni says mata all people are so lucky that they got the Prasad from devi radha and kanha on Navratri. Laxmi says yes devrishi.
In barsana, all people are there. As everyone eat Prasad, suddenly a soldier comes running and says oh give me some Prasad too! Even I want the Navratri Prasad. Everyone smile and nand says yes sir, but who are you? you don’t seem from our village! The man says didn’t you recognize me everyone? Oh I know you wont recognize me, because I was a ghost and now I got a new body. The soldier says it is me bhadraksh, the commander of bhagwan kansa’s army! I got the body and so I will also be able to eat the Prasad. Everyone is shocked and angry. Bhadraksh says don’t be so angry, I have returned amongst you people as a human

now. balram gets angry and rishi gargacharya says bhadraksh go away from here, your adharma wont live here. bhadraksh says wait a bit everyone, bhagwan kansa is coming and this time in a new form, look there. Kansa comes running as a bull from the sky, all people are scared and shocked. kansa lands down as mhaishasura and takes his form, he says I am in the form of mhaishasura and this time no one can kill me.
Narad muni says why cannot radha and kanha kill mhaishasura? Laxmi says because kansa is in the form of kansa-mhaishasura, radha can take her devi form only during Navratri, kanha cannot kill mhaishasura.
There kansa says now kanha and all people, I shall kill everyone as no one can stop me. kansa breathes fire and everything around burns and smoke is formed. The people run everywhere. Kanha gets angry and says everyone run in different directions, I will try to stop the fire. Kansa breathes fire again and kanha stops it using bheem’s gadha. All people run. Yashoda and kirti take kanha and radha.
Kansa says I will use amoga astra and kill everyone today, no one can stop me. kansa attacks the arrow in the air and amoga astra arrows fall down. As all people run, balram damodar, kunti and the pandavas and everyone else, the arrows hit them and they all fall down and die. There yashoda and kirti run with kanha and radha, yashoda and kirti get hit by arrows and save radha and kanha, they both die. Kanha and radha cry as they say get up mother! Get up. Nand and brij bhanu come and are shocked, they cry, everyone else gets hit with the arrows and even nand and brij bhanu die. Kanha and radha cry.
Narad muni says mata what is happening? Laxmi says devrishi, It is the amoga astra and no one can stop it.
There rishi gargacharya says kansa you evil demon, you are not only killing humans, you are killing their humanity. Kansa says gargacharya, no one can stop me, I have always wanted to kill the dharma inside people, and I am doing that now. gargacharya goes to kanha and radha. Kanha and radha cry and say rishi please do something, use your yog Shakti and wake these people they have just fainted. Gargacharya says no kanha, it is the amoga astra and they are all dead, even mahadev cannot be saved from amoga astra. Kanha gets angry and says I will stop kansa now! even if I am dead.

Precap: Kanha goes to kill kansa. Gargacharya is worried. Radha goes with kanha. Kansa aims at kanha with amoga astra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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