Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha teaches brahmins a lesson.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying danasura, come your bhagwan has called you, come and help me get out from the vindhyachal mountains, come danasura! As kansa calls again, he gets no response and kansa thinks where is danasura? Kansa then laughs and says I am bhagwan kansa, I don’t need anyone’s help, in 2 steps I will get down this stupid mountain. Kansa starts walking down the vindhyachal, he gets down and down and suddenly starts falling and rolling down the mountain. Kansa comes rolling down and falls at the base. Kansa’s vehicle animal, the Crow comes and lands near him. kansa is in shock and he gets on the crow and flies away.
Kanha and his friends start loading the people, cows and food supplies on the boat. The people say kanha we have brought all seeds of fruits

and vegetables so that after flood we will regrow them. Kanha says that is good. Kanha then brings all cows on the deck. Damodar comes running and says kanha there has been a huge problem in vrindavan, the brahmins have come and they have allotted people on the boat and left some back in the village to die in the flood, they say they are the ones to decide who comes on the ship and who doesn’t. kanha and balram get angry and, they both and radha say we will come to the village now. they go to the village.
Kansa is on his crow and he says Vishnu, this was all your plan but I will kill you when you take the matsya avatar, let the flood come and I shall come as a wrath for you.
Kanha, radha and balram go to the village. The brahmins say to people, so start loading those who are allowed on the ship, lets go. kanha comes and says wait brahman dev. The rishi’s wait and rishi says it is good that you came kanha, you built this ship and now we all can go on it. kanha says yes but everyone shall come on the ship, even the ones you decided to put away. The rishi says but kanha, we have done it by rules and law, in satyug raja manu decided to take a selective of beings and even now it has to happen that way. Kanha says that time the situation was different and the flood was all over the world but now, all people shall come on the ship. The brahmins say but that cannot happen, we have already decided who has to come and who does not, we have listened to the gods and by their rules we do what the say and if we don’t then there will be consequences. Kanha says it is nothing like that, and what about you brahmins? The rishi says we are learned and have knowledge and we are entitled to come on the ship. Kanha says but who said that? who gave you the permission? And what kind of learned and knowledge do you have? The knowledge to support adharma and to choose between lives? The knowledge to be selfish and think about yourselves? The knowledge to think of yourself more than god and decide who shall live and not? Kanha says no, that wont happen, everyone will come on the boat and you can stay back in vrindavan. The rishi gets angry and says no kanha, we will come on the ship and we have decided that. kanha says no brahmins, you all will stay here otherwise you will listen to the language of my brother balram. Balram comes ahead and says you don’t have the right to decide anything, we have built the ship and we will decide who shall come and who shall not, and we have decided that everyone will come, you will stay here, if you build a ship then you can decide whatever you want to otherwise I have more ways to teach you. balram shows them the mudgal and they get scared. The Brahmin says kanha you are doing wrong. Kanha says I am doing wrong? Kanha uses his divine powers and he throws the brahmins in the sky as it rains. The brahmins gets scared and they are put back on ground and they cry and say the flood is coming, forgive us kanha and nand. The Brahmin apologizes and says forgive us for being selfish, we thought out knowledge is what we own and we became egoistic of that, forgive us. kanha smiles.

Precap: the huge flood is brought down by kalkey. All people are in the ship as the water torments and people hold onto each other. Kanha jumps into the water from the ship.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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