Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vrinda meets lord vishnu.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha praying ahm brahmashmi! There balram fights shankachur with his plough. Shankachur uses his gadha and clahses with balram’s plough. Balram says shankachur, you are going to die for your sins. Shankachur laughs and says balram, you are known as bal ke dham right? Today I will crush your bal ke dham and kill you and then I will kill your brother, then I will marry these gopi’s too. Balram says kanha and I will not let you do that.
Balram and shankachur fight and balram kicks shankachur hurling him in the air and then shankachur falls on the ground with pain. Shankachur gets up and attacks using his gadha on balram, balram is thrown away on a rock. Radha sees with anger while she removes the chains of the gopi’s and frees them. Shankachur then picks balram and throws him on the ground and hits him on the stomach with a gadha. Balram thinks when will you come kanha? Be quick, my powers aren’t working on shankachur like they work all the time on other demons.
There kanha turns into lord Vishnu, lord Vishnu appears in his divya form and says devi vrinda please come, I need your help, where are you devi vrinda? Devi vrinda appear in front of me, I need your help. The sound of lord Vishnu goes in the entire universe and devi vrinda appears and is angry, she says why have you called me Vishnu? Aren’t you happy enough to destroy my respect as a wife in my last life? I had been finding you all my life for revenge but now you come, why have you called me? Lord Vishnu smiles and says devi, you were the wife of shankachur in his last life, now I have called you as I need your help. Vrinda says my help? Why do you think I would help you Vishnu? Lord Vishnu says in your last life, what happened was for your good devi. Vrinda says Vishnu, you destroyed my self-respect as a wife to her husband and killed my husband, shankachur. In flashback, one day vrinda is making food for shankachur who would just be coming from winning a battle. Shankachur comes and vrinda gets up and says you came swami? I am so happy, I made your favorite food today, shankachur smiles. Suddenly another shankachur comes who is the real one and is stabbed with many arrows in his body and is about to die. Shankachur comes and falls down and vrinda goes to him and says swami you? Shankachur says vrinda you have cheated with me, you were with this other man while I fought the battle, I got killed because of you vrinda, you cheated with me vrinda. Vrinda cries as shankachur dies. The other shankachur is lord Vishnu himself who takes his form. Vrinda gets angry and says prabhu Vishnu?
In present, vrinda says Vishnu you killed my husband and also destroyed my life and my self-respect of a wife. Lord Vishnu says devi vrinda, shankachur was on the path of adharma, while you served him with the heart of a loving wife, shankachur kidnapped many women and he laid his hands on them and later killed them, shankachur had to be killed for his sins, I saved you from being a part of his sin unknowingly. Vrinda is shocked. Lord Vishnu says but shankachur has been reborn in this life too and even now he has kidnapped 4 gopi’s from vrindavan and is forcefully going to marry them he has crossed the limit of his sin and has to be punished but he is protected by the ruby(mani) you put on his head in the last life, because of that even I cannot kill him, your ruby makes you a part of his adharma too, I need your help. Vrinda says prabhu forgive me, these many years I waited for revenge not knowing that shankachur had been doing adharma and is still doing, if I cannot protect women then I am of no use, I will help you prabhu. Lord Vishnu takes the form of kanha. Kanha gets up and smiles and says you are devi vrinda? Vrinda says yes prabhu. Kanha goes with her inside the mountain.
There balram is being beaten and suddenly vrinda comes and says wait my swami. Shankachur looks at vrinda and says who are you? Why do you stop me and why did you call me swami? Vrinda says I was your wife swami, I am vrinda, in the last life I was your wife. Shankachur says don’t fool me, you are trying to save these kids. Vrinda says no swami, you know it, just focus on your ruby on your head, remember who gave it to you. Shankachur closes his eyes and sees and then he says yes I remember, you are my wife vrinda.
Kansa is near a mountain in mathura and he angrily says, vishnu i will know your entire truth at any cost, i am bhagwan kansa and no one can stop me.

Precap: vrinda removes the ruby off shankachur’s head and then says prabhu punish this evil man, punish him for his sins. Balram beats shankachur and throws him on the ground. Kanha then says brother, shankachur shall be punished in such a way that the entire world will know this as an example.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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