Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa picks khatri mountain.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha, radha and balram. There kansa says I will pick this entire mountain Vishnu, I will destroy this mountain and yog-maya’s dham. Kansa becomes very huge in size and he starts picking the entire mountain with his strength.
Kanha, radha and balram start shaking on the mountain. All people of vrindavan inside the temple start shaking and say what is happening? Why is the mountain shaking? Everyone start falling on the ground. People hold each other and sit down, nand says if we sit we can minimize our chances of getting hurt. all people sit and pray for help.
There kanha says what is happening? Kanha says we have to go and help the people. Radha says gore I know how you are, don’t fool me. Kanha says what are you saying gopi? We have to help the people. Balram says we have to go and help the people, they must be in trouble. Kanha says that is what I am telling this gopi and she doesn’t understand. Suddenly a huge boulder comes and balram holds it, he uses his strength and throws it down. there kansa picks the entire mountain in his 2 hands.
Kansa holds the mountain and says, Vishnu see the power of kansa’s hands, this mountain will be destroyed, I will end the dham of yog maya. Kansa says look at that huge vindhyachal mountain Vishnu, I will smash this khatri mountain into the vindhyachal and end yog maya once and for all. Janur says maharaj kansa does what he says. Pralapt says yes chanur, Vishnu cheats and plays his tricks but bhagwan kansa uses his strength and does everything.
There all people are in trouble and nand says I know what to do, we have to pray to mata yog maya she will protect us. Yog maya appears in her teenage form again and then she says mother! Yashoda looks at her and says daughter! She smiles. Yog maya says mata, I told you before right? That this mountain is my home, so I know a safe place here, everyone follows yog maya and she takes them inside a safe cave deeper in the mountain. All people stand there but still the shaking continues. Yashoda then says where is kanha? She has tears. kanha balram and radha come. Balram says kanha kansa is doing this. Kanha says I know brother. Balram says I will go and teach him a lesson. Kanha says no brother, not now, this way kansa wont understand, I know a way. Kanha says mother I am fine, nothing has happened to me. yashoda hugs kanha. All people say this girl brought us here but we are not safe here too, what do we do? Yog maya gets sad and she thinks I cannot let anything happen to my disciples. Kanha says people, this girl she is trying to save our lives, don’t condemn her like that. Yog maya goes and kanha follows her and stops her. Kanha says devi, you have called me a brother right? Then as a brother give me one chance, I will protect everyone and you too as you are my sister. Yog maya smiles and says yes prabhu, I cannot let anything happen to my disciples even if I have to go to kansa.

Precap: kanha goes and sits, he starts praying, the entire universe appears in his body. The mountain becomes heavy and kansa says how did the weight increase? Kansa falls down as his hands get trapped under the mountain, he tells pralapt and janur to cut his hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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