Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kirti knows the truth.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kirti talking to her own avatar of devi from treta yug from gau lok. Kirti says what do I do? I don’t understand why prabhu vishnu’s avatars are trying to kill me. the previous devi avatar of kirti tells her that in treta yug in gau lok, she was cursed by sankadik rishi kumarand thus to get free form the curse she would be given salvation from the Krishna avatar of prabhu Vishnu in dwapar yug, for that to happen radha could not intervene as her salvationwas written through radha but would be done by purn avatar Krishna. kirti does pranam to her previous avatar as she understands the truth of her death soon. She gets to know that devi yog maya told her that in dwapar yug she would get salvation and in dwaparyug she would give birth to devi Shakti in the form of radha. Kirti is happy and she says I never knew I was so lucky now that I would be the mother of devi laxmi in the form of radha and now it is time for her salvation.

Kirti thanks mahadev says I am grateful that I have gained your blessings and love. I am lucky that I am the mother mother of radha in the form of laxmi and will get salvation from prabhu Krishna. kanha meditates and uses his powers, kirti feels as he life goes back into her previus form and her original form of kirti attaining salvation through Krishna. kanha opens his eyes and thanks the rishi for helping him and says you have saved destiny from changing its path by helping me make it stay on the original course and I shall always be in your debt. The rishi thanks kanha and says I am grateful to you prabhu that you stepped in pitra lok and made it divine by your presence. kanha says I should go now, it is time for me to go. rishi does pranam.

In barsana, radha is in her room and kirti coms and says radha. Radha says you had gone to do prayer of maha mrutyunjay mantra, then did it get over so soon? Kirti says when a person attains knowledge of his task, it doesn’t take time for him to complete it. kirti says a mother who has a daughter like radha, doesn’t need to do any maha mrutyunjay mantra prayer. Kirti says I did not have knowledge before that I have the greatest Shakti in this universe whom everyone prays, so now I don’t need anything and don’t have any fear of any trouble. Radha says are you saying this? Radha says and what about the fact that kanha did? Kirti says that is our misunderstanding, I can never have hatred for kanha because kanha can never hurt even an ant, then he wouldn’t hurt me. radha says I don’t believe that, he has cheated with me and also with you. kirti says he doesn’t cheat, he does leela, it is his divya leela and there is a huge difference between it. kirti says now you should sleep radha, kirti sings a song for radha and radha falls asleep after hearing kirti’s song.

Precap: Radha tells shani dev that kirti has gone missing. Radha finds out that kirti has attained salvation and been killed by Krishna. radha takes bhadrakali avatar and threatens to destroy the universe if kirti is not brought back. the world torments!


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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