Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh whips sudhama.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shishupal using his powerand he flies on a demonic bird and comes down to the palace. He gets hurt and is in pain, shishupal goes safely to satsua. Satsua is happy and she hugs shishupal, she says it is good you are safe. Shishupal says mother, how did this flying beast come and save me? satsua says son, it is our beast, you have all these powers because of lord Vishnu. Satsua then says I will tell you the entire story, you were born with three eyes and 4 hands and which is why you were a demonic child. I was sad and so I requested prabhu Vishnu to take you back and give me a healthy normal son. But prabhu Vishnu arrived when I prayed to him, he came and said even though you would have 4 hands and 3 eyes, you would be a very brave man. Shishupal says so I am powerful too, lord Vishnu said and I have powers now. satsua hugs and says I am happy you are fine. shishupal goes.
Shishupal says now I will take rukmani and marry her, even kanha wont be able to stop me. shishupal walks and he comes across kanha, kanha says I am happy shishupal you are safe. Shishupal says kanha, you did this, you have powers too. Kanha says shishupal, you are arrogant and rude, I punished you only because you were marrying rukmani without her consent, you were forcing her. Shishupal says kanha, you dared to punish me, but I am very powerful, I will show you what I can do. Shishupal goes in anger.
Bhadraksh is with maharaj hirankashyap. Hirankashyap says I am annoyed of this sudhama now, I will kill him and you too bhadraksh, you have wasted my time too much. Bhadraksh says no maharaj, I will make this sudhama call his prabhu kanha. Bhadraksh ties sudhama to a pillar, sudhama says bhadraksh you know nothing is going to happen. bhadraksh says shut up, bhakt sudhama. Bhadraksh uses a rope and beats sudhama, he whips him as sudhama is in pain. Bhadraksh whips sudhama and says call your prabhu kanha, call him otherwise hirankashyap will kill me. sudhama closes his eyes and does pranam to kanha.
Balram, radha and kanha are together. There shishupal is with rukmani’s brother and he says mother told me I got these powers, 4 hands and three eyes because of lord Vishnu, am powerful and kanha doesn’t know how powerful I am. Shishupal says to rukmani’s brother, I will take rukmani with me and show kanha how powerful I am and how wrong he was to challenge and think of punishing me. shishupal goes.
Balram says this shishupal is very stubborn and arrogant, he needs to be taught a lesson. Kanha says don’t worry brother, he will be taught a lesson soon. Radha says I hope he doesn’t hurt rukmani.
Hirankashyap gets angry and starts beating sudhama and says if you don’t call kanha, I will soon kill you with my axe.

Precap: As hirankashyap is about to use his axe, Kanha takes Narsimha avatar and he comes out of the pillar to kill hirankashyap. Hirankashyap falls on his knees scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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