Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: The brahmins come to vrindavan.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nand and all people saying we should get back to the village and bring our cows to safety, when the flood comes we will hurry back to this boat and load everyone on it, everyone will be safe. The people go with nand and yashoda back to the village.
Kansa is with bhadraksh at the pond again as bhadraksh massages him. kansa looks in the pond and says I still see the matsya and my hallucination is getting larger the more I see in this pond. Kansa laughs.
In vrindavan, all people are getting ready to take their cows and bullocks to the boat. A group of brahmins come. All people and nand say pranam. the brahmins say nand, we know your son kanha and his friends have made a huge boat to save people from the flood. Nand says yes brahman dev. The Brahmin says

but we are learned brahmins and when the flood had come on earth the first time in satyug, raja manu had decided whom to take and whom not to and even now the same way it is necessary to decided whom to take and whom to not! Nand says this is not fair, everyone has a right to live and as we all have decided all people of vrindavan will come on the boat as the boat has been made to save lives and not to choose between saving lives of particular people. The rishi says we are learned brahmins and according to the texts, the way raja manu decided in satyug, the same way it shall be done now because if all are taken the boat will drown and everyone will die, the god has given us signs to do the same thing that was done in satyug so it should be done the same way. The Brahmins say we shall decide this all at the great banyan tree in the village.
There kanha and all his friends finish building the boat. Dhama and all friends say kanha now we have built the boat, we should call the people here so that we start loading people, the food supplies and the cows on the boat. Kanha says yes but we have to decide how to do the seating arrangement, kanha says the men shall be at one corner and women at other, the cows shall bet in the middle and the food in the other middle side, we kids shall be in the middle near the cows and food as well.
There at the banyan tree, the rishi says all old people of the village have to stay back, they have to sacrifice themselves so that all people may live and also because they are old, other people shall live as they are younger and required to rebuild when the flood is gone. The old people are sad and have tears. Nand is angry. The rishi says in the village, manglu is the kid who has a sister and parents. The brahmins say the way raja manu did justice in satyug for everyone’s lives, now in dwaparyug only manglu shall come on the boat but his parents shall stay back. manglu cries and says no I will not leave without my parents. The rishi says then that is your choice, but you can come on the boat. Nand says you are doing wrong brahmins, this is not a trade of lives, everyone should get to come on the boat. The brahmins say nand this is justice so that everyone may live. Nand says I don’t agree.
There kansa looks in the pond and bhadraksh looks too, bhadraksh says bhagwan this is not your hallucination but now even I can see that fish. Kansa says what? Kansa is shocked. bhadraksh says yes, maybe it is because I am your disciple and I can see what you see. Kansa slaps bhadraksh and says you fool. Kansa jumps inside the pond to kill the matsya. Kansa says where are you Vishnu? All this time I planned this all to kill your avatar but you came in my pond yourself. Kansa sees the matsya avatar and follows it in a cave, kansa comes out of the cave and suddenly reaches the vindhyachal mountains, kansa says what is this? Mata vindhyavasani appears and says kansa, remember me? I am devi vindhyavasani and I live here, you cannot do any adharma on vindhyachal. Kansa tries to attack his sword but he cannot move an inch.

Precap: Kansa calls danasura for help. Kanah and balram teach the brahmins a lesson for their egoistic behavior.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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