Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha makes a line around the mountain to stop kansa.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa, pralapt and janur trying to enter the khatri mountain’s border line but he is thrown out. Kansa says what is this line made here? Why couldn’t I enter this line? Keshari comes and says no maharaj, don’t enter that line, you cannot go inside.
There kanha is making a boundary circle line around the mountain with the stick saying the prayer of devi shakti. Radha goes to balram who is removing babul flowers from a tree. Radha says brother where is kanha? And what are you doing? Balram says kanha told me to go and remove babul flowers for the pooja and decoration of devi yog maya. Radha says but we already have those flowers, we don’t need more. Balram gets down. radha says see brother, kanha is not there, he always does this and fools us and he goes somewhere else. Balram says you are right, we have to find him.
Kansa says why cant I get inside? I will use my powers and destroy this line. Keshari says no maharaj, you have a curse you cannot go inside otherwise all your powers will be destroyed. Kansa says wow Vishnu, very good play, this was your plan? To stop me? I will kill yog maya, just wait and watch. Keshari says no maharaj, you have a curse, don’t touch the line. Kansa says what are you talking about this curse since you have come. Keshari says you don’t remember maharaj but in your last life, when you were kaal nemi, you had been given this curse. In flashback, kaal nemi holds 2 rishi’s and says you fools, I am bhagwan kaal nemi but you are praying to this devi shakti? Rishi’s say kaal nemi devi shakti is the only power in the universe, you are no god. Kaal nemi kills the rishi’s/ rishi’s curse kaal nemi and say kaal nemi we give you a curse, whenever you try to touch a devi’s mantra or line your powers will be destroyed and you wont live. The rishi’s die.
Kansa says okay Vishnu, so you knew about my curse, which means your form is right here somewhere and he knows, that is why you made this line to protect yog maya. Kansa says don’t worry, Vishnu I will kill yog maya anyway.
Inside the mountain, yashoda says to yog maya’s statue, mata that mother must have been so lucky in whose stomach you took birth, I wish I was that mother. Yashoda puts garland in yog maya’s statue and she is making rangoli. Yog maya takes the form of a teenage girl and appears in the mountain. She says mata yashoda, you are only my mother, I wish I could stay with you when I was born but according to destiny I had to do my purpose for the future. Yog maya says mother! Yashoda looks at yog maya and says did you call me mother? Yog maya goes to her and says yes mata, I called you mother. Yashoda says you are a good girl, this way I can call you daughter too. yog maya says yes mata, accept me as your daughter, I feel like calling you mother. Yashoda says where do you live? Yog maya says I live in this mountain only. Yashoda says here? Yog maya says so many questions mother? Forget that, I have heard you make very good butter, please feed me too. yashoda smiles.
There kanha is making the line and radha and balram see him. radha says what is kanha doing? Balram says it seems like kanha is saying devi’s prayers. Radha says yes. Radha and balram say kanha wait. Kanha continues making the line. Balram says I think kanha will tell us only when he is finished making this line. Kanha finishes making the line. Balram and radha ask kanha what were you doing? Why were you making this line? Kanha says brother and radha, I made this line using devi’s mantra, it is a holy line, I made it to protect devi yog maya and her dham so that if kansa tries to come back and become a threat to devi yog maya’s life, then this line will stop him because he has been cursed that he cannot touch anything which is prayed with devi’s mantra. Radha and balram smile.

Precap: kansa becomes huge and picks the mountain to destroy it. Kanha prays sitting on the mountain and the weight of the mountain brings it down on kansa’s hands as he screams in pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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