Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha tries to find kirti.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha shouting for her mother & mother starts searching her going out of house in jungles too, actually kansa & bhadraksha in disguise calls her & tries to kill her but shani dev saves her. Kansa & shani dev talk with eachother & kansa wishes to punish shani dev.

Here kanha is shown going to aryaman place where he is chanting slogan, aryaman erupts on kanha’a request & kahna asks him for help to serach his 3rd daughter’s body & aryaman takes kanha to show him the body & explains him her soul absconding in this wolrd. Kanha tell him not to worry & your 3rd daughter will kalavati come back by this body itself. Kanha sits for Samadhi.

The soul enters the body of kalavati.

Here kansa is shown fighting with shani dev by his powers but shani dev is not affected & kansa warns him to go away but shani dev curses kansa & you will get finished by kanha only, tells kansa.

Shani dev empowers kansa by his powers & vanishes him.

The soul entering in kalavati’s body sees kanha taken Samadhi & aryaman tells kanha that he is pledged by his efforts & happy with kalavati’s body to regain soul.

Here radha’s mother talks with radha & shani in disguise & says what kind of enemity is there with jansa & me. It’s good that shani i.e. gvale saved me by kansa. Radha tells her forget all but her mother is in confusion & what is the reason behind. Gvale explains her about gods works & pray for god shiva & he will clear all your doubts by performing maha mrutyunjaya mantra. Radha asks shani dev what will happen now. He tells all will be well by this mantra & clear your mother’s doubts.

Here bhadraksha is crying for help with kansa & kansa stops him to cry & be strong. Bhadraksha keeps pleading with kansa & talks of details of outcome of our deeds.  Kansa gives him knowledge of cursing by shani dev & can’t finish him ever. Be happy says kansa to bhadraksha. Kanha also can’t come near to me.

Here radha’s mother sits for mrtyunjaya mantra suddenly devi erupts in form of radha’s mother’s form. Devi starts explaining radha’s mother of her birth.

Precap: Radha’s mother kirti gets explanation from kalavati devi & vanishes & radha comes to shani dev for help for her mother & he explains that she is now in hands of shri Krishna. 

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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