Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohini serves everyone amrit.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kaal nemi taking the pot of amrit and running away. All gods say prabhu Vishnu stop kaal nemi he ran away with amrit, all demons say yes prabhu do something, they say kaal nemi stop. Kansa laughs and says yes kaal nemi run. All demons and gods run behind kaal nemi to take amrit. They surround kaal nemi but he jumps past them and goes on land, everyone follows him. Suddenly a very beautiful woman comes, kaal nemi stops and keeps looking at her. It is mohini, the form of lord Vishnu. Kaal nemi looks at the woman and says who are you? Very beautiful! Woman says I am mohini! Mohini says you look tired swami. Kaal nemi comes with mohini walking ahead. All gods and demons come. Mohini says why don’t you hand me the pot of amrit? I will distribute equally amongst everyone. Kaal nemi says no! mohini smiles and says swami, you are scared but don’t be I am here, you are with me, all gods and demons sit and kaal nemi gives the pot and sits too. Everyone takes a bowl for the amrit. Kaal nemi keeps looking at mohini.
There kanha says to brahma dev, rishi bhola has not done a crime by stealing, instead this is his love for his mother. Kanha says today it has been proved that what bhola did was love for his mother and stealing 3 grains of rice was out of worry for his mother. Kanha says if anyone does this, it would be for love to save their dear ones, that is not a crime but the worlds most beautiful proof to be given. Kanha says I will feed kaki the rice grains, her stomach will be full then. Kanha takes the rice grains from bhola. He goes to kaki and says mata anna purna bless me. Mata Annapurna says prabhu you have called me, I am honored to help you, she blesses kanha. Kanha feeds the rice grains to kaki and she gets up and says kanha, that is enough, my stomach is full I don’t want more. Kanha says but in 3 rice grains? Kaki says yes, if those grains are out of love, then that would be enough too! Everyone is amazed and smile. Brahma dev is shocked and thinks kanha used his maya and fed this woman too, but he has to kill kalya naag and save the world. Nand says to yashoda, our kanha has solved so many problems, he every time comes up with a solution, you should allow him to go to Yamuna river, somehow he will come up with a solution. Yashoda says no nand ji, kanha is still a child and he cannot fight kalya naag, I am not willing to leave him there.
Kanha goes to balram and all friends and says brother tell me a way to go to Yamuna river. Balram says no kanha, I cannot tell you, I don’t want myself being locked in a room. Jeevak says kanha I will tell you. Kanha says yes friend jeevak, tell me some way. Jeevak says we cannot go there but at least kalya naag can come out of the water right? Kanha says no jeevak we cannot let that happen, already all water in the world has been poisoned so the people are feeling safe on land, if kalya naag comes on land then that security will be compromised too. Kanha says somehow we have to punish kalya naag.
There mohini dances and serves all gods the amrit slowly. Kansa says this Vishnu cheated with everyone. Mohini who is lord Vishnu itself looks in the amrit and changes it using his power, then mohini goes and dances and serves the demons simple water and not amrit, demons thinking amrit drink it. Kaal nemi looks at mohini and is mesmerized by her beauty. Mohini serves him water and he drinks it.
There kanha sees an old baba going towards river Yamuna. Brahma dev hides and watches as the bab is his own form. As baba goes ahead, kanha thinks I have to tell baba otherwise he will be poisoned too by Yamuna’s water. Kanha says I cannot go there as mother has not allowed me but to save baba I have to go. Kanha tries to stop but the baba goes ahead, kanha then says I shall do something and from far he throws a stone in the water, the stone creates a bridge. Baba stops and is shocked. Brahma dev thinks this kanha did his maya here too. Baba crosses the river using the bridge, kanha smiles and goes back to goku. Inside the house he sees yashoda tending to everyone. Brahma dev as rishi sachet comes there and says kanha you have to go to Yamuna and kill the kalya naag otherwise more people will die. Kanha says but mother has not allowed me to go there. Brahma dev is angry and says kanha I am the writer of this universe, I decided what shall happen next, not you. Brahma dev says your mother yashoda is the root of all this problem, I will wipe her out of existence. Brahma dev makes yashoda disappear. Kanha is shocked and says where is my mother? Brahma dev says she is not here in this world now, you have to go and kill kalya naag. Kanha says if I am here then my mother yashoda will also be here only. Brahma dev says then call her. Kanha calls yashoda loudly saying mother! Yashoda comes inside from the house. Brahma dev is shocked.

Precap: lord Shankar says to all gods and brahma dev that only kanha can save the world, when the right time comes he will defeat kalya naag and save the world from his poison.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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