Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha saves the day!

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and his friends bringing in the 5 ingredients to make the panch amrit. Nand says what is this kanha? Kanha says father this is the holy milk of mother cow. Yashoda says but kanha how will this make all the people of gokul fine. Kanha says mother this is the medicine. Yashoda says medicine? Kanha says yes, this is curd, this is milk, this is ghee, this is honey and this is gou mutra or cow urine. Kanha says mother with these 5 ingredients I will make panch amrit. Rishi says but what is its use? Kanha says mother always says that all the gods live in a mother cow which means their ansh and power is there in the milk of a cow. Yashoda smiles. Kanha says this may work. Kanha starts making the panch amrit and mixes all ingredients together, doctor says nand baba do something quick as time is going and it is going to be sunset. Nand says kanha make the panch amrit quickly. Kanha mixes everything. lord Vishnu says that laxmi, kanha has made the panch amrit, which means has given the medicine of the gods in the hands of humans now, this will protect them from all diseases always. Vishnu says a part of my ansh will always be there in panch amrit. Vishnu sends small part of his ansh in the panch amrit, there everyone take the panch amrit and start feeding the diseased. Everyone drink the panch amrit.
Kanha feeds his friends. As everyone drinks, balram says kanha it is sunsets. No one has got up, what will happen now? suddenly the black part of everyone’s body starts becoming normal and the disease falls from everyone’s body. Everyone becomes fine and they all get up. Kanha and everyone is happy. Yashoda and nand are happy. Friends say kanha you saved us again, you are our god, we owe you our life. The women say kanha you kept your promise in us, you are our true god. Everyone say hathi ghoda palki jai yashoda lal ki. Yashoda has tears of happiness. Kanha is happy and says don’t thank me everyone, I did nothing, mother cow gave the milk and it is because of her that you all were saved, thank her. Brahma shridhar is angry and says how did this happen?
Shridhar in his rishi form goes back to his place and there brahma rakshasa shridhar is there in his demon form. He makes a kundli and sees rishi, he says what did you see? Rishi shridhar says I saw one child, he was unique, he was the son of yashoda and nand lal but he looked different. Shridhar then holds his neck and says he was the son of devki and vasudev, rishi says no, that I don’t know yet, shridhar says then go and find that and if it is true than kill him. shridhar rishi goes.
Laxmi says when will shridhar get salvation as he takes your name lord Vishnu? Lord Vishnu says he will get salvation one day and that day will be when shridhar himself will help Krishna in his leela and will get salvation.
Yashoda is removing the bad seeing of kanha and says this is the nazar of the people of gokul, I will remove it. yashoda burns chillis, kanha sneezes and says mother what are you doing? This nis affecting my nose. Yashoda says I know the people of gokul, by making you god they want to make you theirs and take you from me. Kanha says mother they are not here anywhere, what are you doing? Nand and brij bhanu are going and kanha hides behind nand and says father save me, sometimes I don’t understand what is more dangerous? The love of mother of the love of the people? Yashoda says kanha come here, where are you going? Come here right now. kanha runs away. Yashoda says kanha is only mine and no one else’s. there radha comes down the stairs and is saying kanha is only mine and he is my gift, I will take him with me at any cost because I am radha and my father has 1 lakh cows. Radha comes down with jatila and brij bhanu kirti yashoda and nand all come. Radha says father I am going. Brij bhanu says where are you going radha? Radha says I will not tell, where no one asks me I don’t stay there for 1 minute, I am going. Radha says father you have to give me what I want, you promised to give me my gift, which is kanha, then give it to me. Everyone laugh. Radha says father I want kanha, I want him otherwise I will go.

Precap: radha says I am going, kanha is standing behind her. Radha says I want kanha only and nothing else. Radha starts walking out. Narad muni says lord Vishnu stop radha, if she goes then she wont come back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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