Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalratri kills chund and mand.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with chund and mand saying get aside kid. Balram says you have to stop here now. Chund says mand, we have to show our powers to this kid, chund throws fire bolts on balkram as he dodges, mand then attacks weapons on balram and balram throws his mudgale but it falls down. Balram falls down and is worried.
There kanha tells radha, chund and mand are coming towards barsana and you have to take the form of devi kal ratru. Radha says but how will I alone kill all demons? Before, mata laxmi had all wepons and then she killed the demons, but I don’t have any weapons. Kanha says I have a flute, use it radha. Radha says what are you saying kanha? A flute gives only sweet music and it can affect only good people, not demons. Kanha says radha, a flute has the power to

bring happiness everywhere even by putting away all evil. Radha says okay kanha, I will play the flute but I don’t know if it will work. Radha takes the flute and starts playing sweet music.
There as chund and mand are about to attack balram, they hear the sweet music. Chund says I think this is the music which will take us to that devi, we will kill her there. Chund mand and their army follow the sound of the music. As they come near they see radha playing the music under a tree. Chund says this is the form of that devi, we shall kill her. Suddenly from radha, a form of devi kal ratri emerges in her huge form and says chund and man, you and all your demons shall die as no adharma exists ever! Chund and mand say finally you came out devi, fight us. Devi kal ratri uses her mouth and breathes fire on the entire army of demons as they burn and scream in pain, the army reduces to ash. Chund and mand are shocked and say we will kill you.
There rishi gargacharya tells the story of chund and mand to all barsana people. Gargacharya says this way, devi chandmari killed chund and mand and she was also named as devi chande!
Mata kal ratri uses her weapons and runs towards chund and mand she cuts their heads and takes it in the hands, chund and mand die. Kanha smiles and says calm down devi chande, the demons are dead. Radha’s form of kal ratri calms down and she goes back! Radha stops playing the flute. Kanha says see radha, I told you only by playing the flute you could kill all demons. Radha says I truly believe the power of the flute now kanha. Kanha and radha go back to barsana.
Gargacharya tells the people about raktbeej, another demon whose blood’s every drop could born a new clone of raktbeej and that was what made him even more dangerous as he could not be attacked by a weapon.
There kansa says now if more demons die, who will call me asur maharaj? Raktbeej says I am rakatbeej, I am very powerful and every drop of my blood can give birth to another of my clone, I will kill that devi maharaj! Do not worry as you shall have the head of the devi. Raktbeej goes.
In barsana, suddenly a storm comes and all people run helter skelter! Raktbeej comes in barsana and gargachjarya says what is happening? Raktbeej says rishi, it is me raktbeej and I shall kil everyone. Gargacharya is shocked and says how is it possible?

Precap: raktbeej attacks the people. Kanha and radha see raktbeej. Kanha tells radha to take her next form for killing raktbeej.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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