Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha blesses mandhrachal.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha waking up radha. Radha waks up and has tears. There radha’s mata form defeats and kills karkasura.
Kanha and radha go to wake up karmabai. Kanha wakes up karmabai and radha thanks her. They go outside and wake up all people of vrindavan. Yashoda says where is kanha? Kanha comes out of the cave and says I am here! everyone is happy and yashoda hugs kanha. Everyone say kanha is finally back. kanha says where would I leave you all? Where would I go? I shall always be with you.
In Mathura, kansa is angry. Shokracharya says kansa, kanha has come back alive. Kansa is shocked, he starts laughing and says Krishna is alive? Kansa laughs. indra dev says kansa, you thought you could do something that is not possible, our paramavatar Krishna has come back, our prabhu Vishnu shall always be there. All gods go back to swarg lok. Kansa screams in anger and says no!
Shokracharya says kansa karkasura is dead, he was killed by radha, kanha’s Shakti! And that avatar of devi laxmi. Kansa says what? Even that demon is dead. Shokracharya says now you have to do something. Bhadraksh is scared. Kansa says no you keep quiet guru shokracharya, this has all happened because of you, you did not tell me that even radha was a problem. You told me kanha could be killed and karkasura could kill him but you never told me radha could kill karkasura. You kept telling me, be patient, everything will happen in the right way but no! again kanha is alive now and another demon has died, the one who could actually kill kanha. Everyone just forgot about radha.
Kanha is with karmabai in vrindavan and he says karmabai, I shall always be thankful to you, to have a disciple like you! I am grateful. Karmabai says no prabhu, I am grateful to you and to be your disciple. Yashoda comes and says karmabai, you have helped us a lot today, we want you to wait here and help us in the bhog for prabhu vishnu’s Pooja, he favors you and because of you he may also accept our bhog. Kanha nods. Karmabai says okay I shall stay here.
Kanha is with balram at the cow shed. Balram sits down and touches kanha’s feet and says prabhu, please make me your younger brother! That is better. Kanha says no brother, that cannot happen now and if everyone sees you touching my feet then they will be shocked. balram says even in treta yug you were my elder brother. Kanha says but you only asked to be my elder brother. Balram says take it away, make me your younger brother prabhu. Suddenly balram and kanha hear the voice of mandhrachal saying prabhu give me your darshan! Help me.
Kanha and balram go to mandhrachal standing at the Yamuna river bank. Mandhrachal says my prabhu, you finally came. Kanha says mandhrachal what do you want? Ask what do you want. Mandhrachal says I want to be your disciple and be under your sharan prabhu. Kanha says then I shall bless you mandhrachal, you shall stand tall and I shall always live withing you mandhrachal, all my disciples shall come to you to pray to me and also to take your darshan and pray to you. mandhrachal says thank you prabhu, thank you.
Kansa there swims and goes through mountains and he reaches a huge place in the dark mountains. Kansa sees the huge idols of the demons, Hiranyaksh and Hirankashyap! Kansa says so extravagant, tall and immense they are, just like me. kansa says I shall give them my powers and bring them alive, hiranyaksh and hirankashyap you shall avenge your deaths and kill vishnu’s avatars.

Precap: kansa gives his powers and brings hiranyaksh and hirakashyap alive. The huge demons stand immensely tall, kansa tells them to avenge their deaths and kill vishnu’s avatars.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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