Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha gets the medicine of the Gods.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha on a cliff, he looks in the clouds and says gods please help me to get the medicine in which all of you live, the medicine which has all your powers. Lord Vishnu and laxmi smile. All the gods look and do pranam. kanha sees down the cliff and sees many cows there. Kanha says mother always says that a cow has all the gods which live in it which means I can take the milk of a mother cow, I will make panch amrut from it and give it to the people of gokul.
There kansa has tied himself by chains and says to soldiers please punish your bhagwan. Soldiers say no lord. Kansa says I insist, I have to be punished as vasudev said so, punish me now by beating me with sticks. The soldiers listen to kansa and hit him with sticks. Kansa smiles, then as the soldiers come again, kansa kicks them down on the floor. Kansa then remembers what vasudev said and he gets angry and breaks the chains by pulling his hand. Kansa then takes his sword and kills the soldiers. Akrur is shocked. kansa then says akrur, what do you think? How should I be punished? Akrur says what can I say bhagwan? Kansa says tell me now, how will you punish me? Akrur says maharaj, you are a god and how can I punish you? I cannot punish you as I am a follower. Kansa says that’s right, then he puts the chain around akrur’s neck and strangles him and says then how should vasudev be punished? Akrur suffers and says he should be given death sentence. Kansa says yes that is right, then he leaves akrur and says vasudev will die but not now.
There all the people are suffering as the disease increases on their body. Jeevak and dhama are crying from the pain. Dhama says jeevak what will happen to us? This is all because we are not good kids, maybe that is why we got this disease. Jeevak says dhama, kanha is our only hope, he can save us. Dhama says yes but it is about to be sunset soon, what will happen to us? Yashoda listens and says you both are friends of kanha and nothing will happen to you jeevak and dhama, you both can never turn into people of demonic thoughts as you have pure love for kanha.
There akrur is in the under pass which is being dug by some labourers to make a passage for devki and vasudev to escape. Suddenly someone is coming and akrur hears this, he tells everyone to hide, the laborers hide and akrur hides and sees with his sword. Akrur then goes ahead and keeps the sword on the person’s neck, it is prapti. Akrur says what are you doing here? prapti says I have come here to help you. akrur says you are kansa’s wife, why will you helps us? Prapti says do you think I am happy with him? I want to help sister devki and maharaj vasudev to get out of here and I know the way from where they can. Prapti walks ahead in the cave and everyone go behind her. Prapti says see this is the secret way. Akrur tells laborers to break it with their tools. The laborers hit hammers and then akrur with his power pulls the huge stone out and a secret way is seen. Prapti says this is the secret pass which goes from under the palace to maharaj vasudev and devki’s jail room. akrur says all this time the road was here and we kept wasting time.
There kanha prays to the mother cow and says mata please help me save the people of gokul, I will take your milk from your wish only. Kanha sits under the cow with his pot, all the gods say in the cloud that lord Vishnu, we will be honored to help you. they all go in the cow and then the cow gives milk. Kanha takes all the milk in the pot and then says dhanyavaad mata and does pranam. balram comes and says kanha did you get the medicine? Kanha says brother I did not wanted to break your trust in me, I will make panch amrut from this milk. Both balram and kanha run towards their house. There shridhar smiles and says no one will be able to save them now.

Precap: kanha brings the panch amrut and puts it on everyone but it is sunset. Balram says kanha we have used the panch amrut but no one is responding to it, it is sunset. Kanha is worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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