Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Chund and mand march with their army to barsana.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with chund and mand ready with their entire army of demons. Chund and mand say, my demon soldiers, for years that devi laxmi and her various forms have killed us and we have resurrected to take revenge, but this time we shall for once kill her and all her forms finally and avenge the deaths of our fellow brothers. The demons soldiers say yes, we wont stop now! We will avenge the deaths of our demons. The demons march with chund and mand towards barsana.
There savre comes running to kanha and balram. Kanha says what happened savre? Savre moos and kanha says what are you saying savre? Balram says what happened kanha? Kanha says brother, savre is telling that chund and mand are heading to barsan with their demon army, we have to do something. Balram says come on lets

see where they heave reached. Kanha, balram and savre go running to a hill top and they hide and watch the army nearing barsana. Balram says it is good, this time I will play Navratri by beating these demons. Kanha says no brother, you will not do anything, I have to go back to barsana. Balram says but kanha, I want to kill those demons. Kanha says no brother, do only one work, you have to do anything and stop that army for as long as possible. Balram says okay kanha, if you say so. Kanha runs back to barsana.
In barsana, yashoda holds kanha and says where were you kanha? Kanha says I went to bring flowers. Yashoda says where are the flowers? Kanha says I put it on the statue of mata. Yashoda says don’t fool me kanha and she pulls his ear. Kirti comes and says sister yashoda, help me make butter. Yashoda goes and kanha says I will go to radha. Kanha goes to radha.
Kanha tells radha, come on I want to tell you something. Radha says no kanha, I am not listening to you and I anyway don’t have any time. Kanha says radha, it is very important and I need you. radha says okay kanha I will come, but be quick.
Kanha and radha go away from all people. Kanha tells radha, chund and mand have taken their entire demon amry and are marching to barsana to kill everyone. Radha says what to do kanha? Kanha says only you can kill them radha. Radha says are you mad kanha? Before you told me, I killed dhumralochan and now you are telling me I can stop an entire demon army? Kanha says yes radha, how do I tell you but you are devi’s form. Radha says I am going kanha. Kanha says close your eyes radha. Radha closes her eyes and kanha walks around her and says radha, you are all devi’s! you are mata adishakti, you are laxmi, saraswati, jagat janni, kal ratri, shailputri, durga, gauri, mahalaxmi and all the forms of devi! You are the power of everyone and everyone’s Shakti and you have the power to kill all demons. Radha opens her eyes and says I now understand who I am. Gargacharya comes and radha says guru how will I and kanha alone fight so many demons? Gargacharya smiles and says prabhu and mata, this is your leela. Kanha takes blessing of gargacharya and he and radha go.
There balram stands in front of the demon army and says stop right there, I am a kid of barsana, where are you going? Chund and mand say we are going to kill everyone and even you. balram says don’t say that, but you don’t even know whom you are fighting. Chund and mand say we will kill devi laxmi and all her forms. Balram says but it wont happen because she is too powerful. Chund and mand say don’t stall us, he is fooling us lets go. some demons attack balram and he beats them and kills them.

Precap: kanha tells radha to take form of devi kal ratri. Radha becomes devi kal ratri and kills all demons and cuts the head of chund and mand. Kansa is angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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