Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa comes to khatri mountain.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha in the temple. Kanha closes his eyes and everyone start praying. Kanha then meets devi yog-maya in space. Devi yog-maya says prabhu, I knew you would protect me from kansa and I am grateful for what you are doing for me. Kanha says devi, I have made you my sister, as a brother I will always protect your life from any harm that comes to you. Yog maya says prabhu, you have blessed me to be your sister. Kanha says devi, I will use all my powers to save your life and your dham of khatri mountain, kansa wont be able to do anything to you and khatri mountain.
There as everyone prays, everyone open their eyes and kanha smiles. Yashoda says mata yog maya, we have prayed to you with all our hearts, please bless us and protect us from any future threats. Then kanha and balram both talk and kanha says brother, kansa will be coming here and saving devi yog maya was my purpose now, radha comes and says kanha take this Prasad. Kanha says gopi I can do only one work at a time and right now I am talking to brother, I will take the Prasad later. Radha says no you have to take it now. Kanha is taking the Prasad when radha says wait, I just remember I shouldn’t give you Prasad but instead should punish you. kanha says punish me? For what? What problem did I create for you? Balram says problem? See there comes the problem. Kansa comes inside the cave with pralapt and janur and says mata yog maya ki jai! Kansa lays down and prays and he goes like that towards the statue of yog maya. Kansa says mata yog maya ki jai! Mata yog maya ki jai! Kansa comes to the statue and acts praying and says devi yog maya, see a bhakt has come to your door and I am bhagwan , I have brought prashad for you, I am also lucky to have your Prasad. Kansa takes the laddoo and eats, he says wow such good Prasad. Everyone is scared and shocked. Kansa then says devi yog maya ki…. No one says jai! Kansa again says devi yog maya ki… everyone stay quiet. Kansa turns back and is angry, he then laughs and says what happened everyone? Why don’t you say jai? Everyone is quiet. Kansa then says okay tell me who am i? am I adharmi? Am I killing you all or trying to cause destruction? Everyone stay quiet. Kansa says you are not listening to me and not even answering to me, I feel like you people think I am not your bhagwan and also think I am not you king. Kansa please tell me what do you think about me? Who am i? Somebody tell me, who am I? kanha comes and says kansa mama! Everyone look at kanha. Kanha smiles as balram and radha follow. Kanha says mama, I will tell you who you are. Kansa comes to kanha and says wow nephew, you tell me the truth, tell me who am i? I am tired of lies. Kanha says I will tell you honestly, kind, a great king, a god, a generous ruler, a savior, and all the things that people call you and praise, you are none of that! Balram laughs. Kansa gets angry and nand thinks what is kanha doing? Kansa says nephew, i asked you who am i? you went out of limits. Kanha says I just told you the truth because you asked for it. Kanha says mama, in fact you are no one, you are nothing. Kansa laughs and says you mean I am not kansa, kansa is no one? Kanha smiles. Nand says come on kanha, you are a kid and you don’t understand anything. Kansa says nand, stand aside, don’t thinks yourself as god, let kanha speak.

Precap: kansa says I will destroy this entire mountain Vishnu! I will destroy the dham of yog maya. Kanha makes a boundary line around the entire mountain to make a sort of shield and protect the dham of yog maya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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