Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Akrur meets vasudev.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with akrur opening the prison cell of vasudev and devki. Vasudev says who are you? akrur says it is me maharaj, it is your trusted devotee and commander akrur. Vasudev says akrur? Don’t . lie to me! akrur is dead, he died and we saw it, you are a demon sent by kansa and I am not coming into any tricks of kansa so just go away. Akrur says maharaj, what can I do to make you believe? Akrur says maharaj, I know you are the only one who called me your brother and family. Vasudev says but akrur is dead. Akrur says yes maharaj, I died.
Akrur tells the story. In flashback, kansa hits him with his spear thus cutting off akrur’s head and killing him. but then akrur’s body is found by rishi gargacharya. Akrur says rishi found my body and he took my head with it, he took

me to his ashram and used his yog shakti, by doing his mantras, guru gargacharya gave me a new face after he brought me back alive, As I got up, my face was uncovered from the wraps and I felt different but with the same body. Akrur says guru gargacharya then told me, that to bring me back alive he had to pray to god and use mantras and his powers but for that he had to make changes in my body and face and without that I could not be brought back alive. Akrur continues his story and says after I was brought back alive, I went to maheshmati to our kingdom maharaj and told them about what had happened here, I brought some help and some soldiers with me to Mathura to fight kansa and rescue you both.
In vrindavan, kanha’s friends gather at night saying it is holi! Don’t be sad, it is holi. All friends come and say we have gathered all the wood from our houses and the hay from all the cow sheds, we will use that to burn the holika. Another friend comes and says we have gathered some wood from the forest too and we will use that too. kanha comes and says no friends, we cannot use things that are of use to us. All friends say what do you mean? Kanha says wood from houses and hay from cow sheds cannot be used because that is useful and required, we should not waste things like this by burning them in holika, we can use all materials that we don’t need like the dry wood in the forests and the dry leaves to burn. All friends say okay and gather the stuff and bring in the village, the holika is made and all people are ready to do pooja and burn the holika.
In Mathura, akrur says as he fought kansa, bhadraksh killed his soldiers and kansa used his powers and took him captive, he then locked him up in another cell bur akrur came to meet maharaj vasudev and devki. Akrur says maharaj, where is your son? who is he? Vasudev and devki are happy and vasudev says akrur ji, my son is nand and yashoda’s child kanha, he is our 8th son! akrur says kanha? He is happy and akrur says kanha, the avatar of prabhu Vishnu, I would be grateful to have his darshan. Bhadraksh comes and he suddenly takes away akrur to kansa.
Akrur says what happened kansa? Kansa says akrur, everyone deserves freedom and I want to set you free. Akrur says don’t use your tricks to me, I am loyal to maharaj vasudev and kanha will come and kill you kansa, he will punish you. kansa says I will kill that kanha, and about you all don’t worry! Nothing will happen to me. bhadraksh says what about vrindavan people bhagwan? Kansa says even the people of vrindavan shall die, why leave them alive? Mata danu summons her 4 demonesses and orders them to go to vrindavan and kill kanha and all people.

Precap: the holika is set on fire and mata holika appears and does pranam to kanha. All people do pooja of the burning holika.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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