Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update – Rukmini enjoying in dwarka near shri krishna.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmini is sleeping in the room & gets up hearing the voice of flute so she comes out & sees Krishna playing the flute so nicely & making her very happy.

All maids in rukmini’s room are talking while she is smiling & dreaming in her sleep. They are talking how sweetly she is smiling like she is her dreams of her Krishna. one of them says we will try to waking her up but another says no as as she is looking so beautiful in her sleep smiling so let her sleep. One of them is trying to wake her but she is saying you have come on wrong time & I am seeing my Krishna playing flute so nicely that I can’t describe so when Krishna himself comes in front of me then only I will open my eyes & she gets up taking a peacock piece to hide

her eyes to seeing nothing else.  All are stopping her but she says I am going to see Krishna & she moves to see Krishna.  All including gurudev are seeing Rukmini walking down the palace hiding her face & are very surprised & gurudev understands this that may be this can also be some effect of Krishna as Rukmini is going to see Krishna itself.

Rukmini reaches at krishna’s sitting place & opens her eyes seeing Krishna but getting a bright light feeling on her eyes & she starts running away from that. She comes to the statue of Krishna in her room & starts talking with him as what she has seen as is this Krishna whom I had thought in my immense love because I really got scared by this facing him so please take me out of this scary part. I have accepted Krishna as my husband & you are the proof of it so please solve my problem by showing me your existence.  Rukmini is forcing to show his existence & devi mata immerges to talk with her telling Rukmini to get up & Rukmini gets up seeing mata praying her & mata is telling her she has seen the truth & you are also half part of it as you had thought of him in your love who is world’s god from start to end who all get birth by & after death they go into him & he is none other than paramavatar shri Krishna itself. Rukmini is shocked & asks mata whatever I heard & saw is the truth so mata replies yes but Rukmini says I am just a simple woman & Krishna is Ishwar himself so how we can be matched for each other. Mata is telling her that what you are thinking is correct as you are a simple human being & can’t match with shri Krishna so Rukmini asks mata then should I sacrifice my love tell me so mata tells her to achieve shri Krishna as he is the only god for you & it is very simple to achieve him in human form so as tomorrow being janmashtami you can achieve him & as soon as at that time you accept him then all your confusion will be cleared & you will achieve him & you yourself will be accepted by him as he is god. Rukmini accepts mata’s advice & says that I will definitely achieve Krishna. Mata blesses her & leaves & Rukmini is happy.

Mahadev open his eyes & devi paravati asking mahadev as you have opened your eyes I understand that shri krishna’s janmashtami is there so we have to proceed for him & yes says mahadev telling this is the time when Krishna comes in god form & dwarka is prepared for celeberations completely.

Gurudev is sounding shank for signal of shri krishna’s janamashtmi  to all people of dwarka hailing shri Krishna by all & also singing songs for him & Rukmini too praying him with Pooja plate in her hands.

Rukmini & shri Krishna are seeing each other & talking by their eyes as Rukmini saying can I do this process of all arrangements for you as I am starving for this so Krishna replies definitely yes as I was waiting for this day to happen from your hands by which I’ll be completed by this. Rukmini is doing all the process for Krishna in front of him as he is sitting on the seat.

Krishna is saying in aloof that as human goes on becoming aged by time passes he forgets his importance of life so he starts feeling his life as burden who falls in struggle & for this a big reason is of not celebrating his birthday because birthday has a very big importance as whenever his birthday is celebrated he understands his importance of life by which how many people has got happiness because of him so all are advised to wish all those people on their birthday’s & give them that importance too in their lives so that they do not feel their life as a burden to them by feeling pain. It is like how I celebrate my birthday in which I deeply enjoy.

All the people are enjoying & singing songs for shrikrishna in dwarka.

Mahadev & mata paravati come in dwarka saying by seeing all these people enjoying so deeply I feel proud of Krishna having so nice devotees for him & they are enjoying like it’s their births celebration itself So mata says let we too enjoy this celebration.

Krishna & Balarama are also seeing people enjoying so nicely & feeling happy. Balarama is saying that it feels like the whole dwarka has fallen in love with you. Krishna is telling Balarama that this my honor that all these people love me so much & they have made my birthday as their celebration.


Precap: Krishna is telling Balarama that there are various forms in people of their gods so whenever they come to meet me I find them in various forms. All are enjoying & singing while Rukmini is also happy seeing this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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