Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa pleads for water.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa struggling and walking as he suffers from the intense heat of suryadev’s sun. kansa says mayavi Vishnu, you want to stop me, I wont Vishnu. kansa gets tired and very thirsty he falls down and says water! Kansa gets up and sees here and there and he sees a river, he says yes water! Kansa jumps in it and it seems the river was a mirage. Kansa says Vishnu, you are doing your cheating but I will kill everyone once I am fine. Kansa walks ahead and pralapt and janur says bhagwan come here, we found the river. Kansa sees the river and says yes water. Kansa comes near and then goes back and says no this is vishnu’s cheat, lets find water come. Kansa goes ahead. Pralapt and janur say but this is really a river, why did bhagwan go? pralapt and janur go behind kansa.
There near the banyan tree in chitrakoot, kanha and balram come. Nand and yashoda say kanha where had you gone for such a long time? Kanha says mother, I and brother found the way to khatri mountain, it is safe and we can go from there. Nand says okay kanha but you did not have to go and check the road, anyway lets go people, we will reach the mountain now in no time. Kanha says baba before we go, I will keep a pot of water under this tree. Nand says why? Kanha says if any thirsty traveler goes from here then he will get the water and quench his thirst. Kanha keeps the pot and everyone go to khatri mountain.
There narad muni says what is this prabhu? Lord Vishnu says kansa thinks he will kill devi yog- maya, and that is why this leela was done, kanha somewhere knows that the thirsty traveler is kansa, so he kept the pot of water for him.
There kansa comes crawling towards chitrakoot, he is very thirsty. Pralapt and janur follow him. kansa then sees the pot of water and says see water. Kansa runs to the pot and sees water inside. Pralapt and janur are happy. Kansa goes and sits under the banyan tree as pralapt and janur see kansa. Kansa takes the pot and starts drinking the water from the pot, he keeps drinking and drinking. Pralapt and janur say bhagwan, we disciples of you are happy just by seeing you drink water, even our thirst is quenched. Kansa keeps drinking the water.
Lord Vishnu smiles.
There all people of vrindavan reach the khatri mountain and nand shows kanha and balram the statue of devi yog-maya. Nand says see kanha, this is the temple of devi yog-maya. Kanha and balram come and they look at the statue and smile. Everyone start doing the pooja for devi yog-maya.
There kansa drinks and drinks the water from the pot. Pralapt and janur say bhagwan is still drinking the water, we have to stop him as it is getting late. Pralapt nad janur try to stop kansa but he drinks water, pralapt and janur try pulling kansa’s hands but he drinks water, both fall down and sleep. Kansa drinks the water and after some time, the water finished. Kansa then says the water was so pure and delicious, it felt like it took away a lifetime’s thirst of mine. Kansa then says whoever kept this water here, I bless that person for giving me water. Kansa keeps the pot and says come on pralapt and janur, kansa sees them both asleep. Kansa screams loudly and both get up and say bhagwan! Kansa says if I get late in reaching khatri mountain because of you both, I will kill you. Janur say but bhagwan it is already very late, I and pralapt tried to stop you but you have been drinking water from the pot for almost 2 hours, see there. Kansa sees the sun setting. Kansa looks at Vishnu and smiles, okay vishni I understood your leela, now I know you are trying to save yog-maya but I promise you, I will kill yog-maya and your kid form too.

Precap: kansa reaches khatri mountain and sees people of vrindavan praying to yog-maya. People are shocked to see kansa. Kansa laughs and says see who has come. Kanha says kansa mama!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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