Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shani dev comes to barsana.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha and kirti going back to barsana. Shani dev disguises himself as a gwala and he goes to barsana. At home, brij bhanu meets with kirti and radha. Brij bhanu says he needs another gwala to take care of his cows and now they have to find someone who can is capable of taking care of their cows. Shani dev comes disguised as a shepherd named Matang and he says I would like to get this job because I am a gwala, I know how to take care of cows. Radha says baba, I will take this man’s test, I will test him if he can take care of our cows.

Radha talks with shani dev and says I know you can do this job. Shani dev says radha, I shall stay here with you all until mata kirti is safe. I will protect her from anything that comes to kill her, prabhu Vishnu will have to fight me first. Kanha has to fight me first before he can kill mata kirti. Radha thanks shani dev for helping her.

Kanha decides to go and kill kirti soon as she shall get salvation. Kanha’s teachers, rishi durvasa, rishi gargacharya and rishi sandeepani give kanha a solution. Kanha says guru, how do I do this task? It will put radha against me, and I don’t want that to happen. kanha’s teachers point him towards pitralok and say he should go there to kill kirti, kirti shall get salvation and she will go back to gau lok but the solution lies in pitralok. Kanha goes to pitralok. In pitralok, shani dev comes to stop kanha. Kanha confronts shani dev and says get aside from my path shani dev, don’t make me fight you. I am doing this for everyone’s good and also for mata kirti, she shall get salvation as she was entitled to in dwaparyug. Shani dev says I am the god of justice prabhu, forgive me but I wont get aside because kirti has done no sin and I wont let and innocent die. Kanha takes his weapon and shani dev too, he attacks an arrow and so does shani dev. A battle starts, but brahma dev intervenes and he stops them. Brahma dev says to shani dev that everything is happening as it should, brahma dev brings a truce between shani dev and kanha that they shall not interfere in each other’s task and shani dev can do what he thinks is right but not stop kanha from doing what his job is. The truce ensues and kanha goes. Shani dev goes back to barsana.

Kansa and bhadraksh are in Mathura. kansa says shani dev is becoming a trouble in my plan, bhadraksh says bhagwan we should go and fight shani dev. Kansa says no, instead I have a plan, i shall kill kirti myself. Radha will think kanha has done it, either way kanha and radha shall go against each other. Kansa says I want them to kill each other, I will then become immortal and the aakashvani will be proven false.

Precap: Kansa plans to kill kirti as he sends a demon to barsana. Kanha takes another avatar and sends it to kill kirti.



Update Credit to: Tanaya

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