Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Shishupal throws butter on kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha, radha and balram entering the palace in chanderi. Radha says kanha, your aunts palace is very huge. Kanha says yes. Suddenly butter falls down on kanha’s head and radha and balram are shocked. kanha, radha and balram look up at shishupal, kanha and balram’s brother. Shishupal says kanha, you like butter right? That is why I did this to welcome you. radha says shishupal, don’t you have manners? Is this how you welcome a guest here? a guest stands in the place of god. Shishupal comes down with another boy and says kanha, I heard you have killed many demons and saved the people of vrindavan, I want to see your strength too. Why don’t you show me? fight me and lets see who is stronger. Balram gets angry and says shishupal, you want to fight? Then come

fight me, I will show you who is more stronger. Kanha says shishupal, I never killed any demon in vrindavan, the demons always kept coming but god killed demons, not me! and I never do anything without any purpose, so why should I fight you? shishupal says rukmani spoke a lot about you, but it doesn’t seem you are what she said you would be. Shishupal goes with his friend.
Kanha says to balram, brother don’t be so angry. Shishupal is a kid, he will learn a lesson in no time, but here we have come for the marriage of shishupal and rukmani, but I don’t think rukmani likes shishupal. Balram says you are right kanha, she doesn’t. kanha says then we should do something.
In Mathura, bhadraksh says to hirankashyap, maharaj don’t use violence on sudhama. Now what he said has to be done, we did and tried everything on sudhama but nothing will happen to him and that way he wont even call kanha. Only the road of devotion is left, do as sudhama says and pray to kanha, once kanha comes you can kill him. bhadraksh goes to sudhama and acts crying and says bhakt sudhama, please forgive me and maharaj hirankashyap, we got carried away but actually we realized our mistake and hirankashyap wants to do the bhakti of kanha. Sudhama says even if its 7 lifetimes, hirankashyap wont be able to do the bhakti of my prabhu. Hirankashyap gets angry.
In chanderi, yashoda is with nand’s sister. Yashoda says didi, we brought everything for the marriage. Sister says yashoda, shishupal is my son, which means he is like your son too because your are my sister in law! So there should be nothing less for rukmani. Kanha comes and sister is happy and says kanha, how are you? kanha says I am fine, I am seeing so much gold for the first time aunty! Aunt says yes kanha, in palaces weddings are done this way only. Kanha says don’t mind aunt, but rukmani doesn’t like shishupal and it is said that relationships are made only when 2 people like each other. Aunt gets angry and says kanha, you are too small don’t say anything that you don’t know. Kanha says but aunty, rukmani doesn’t like shishupal then why force her? Aunty says kanha, you don’t understand these things. Aunty says kanha, tomorrow I want you to play your flute in front of all people when all people come to palace. Kanha says okay. Yashoda and aunt go. kanha says tomorrow I shall play the flute in such a way that shishupal and all of chanderi will remember it.
Shishupal is with rukmani and her brother. Rukmani says my kanha is here. shishupal says you believe a lot in him don’t you? rukmani says yes I do, he is powerful and has powers, no one can do anything to him in this entire world. Rukmani’s brother is about to slap her but shishupal stops him and takes rukmani outside near a small mountain where hot lava is flowing. Shishupal says rukmani, I brought you here to test your bhakti and devotion. Rukmani says kanha is what I am saying he is. Shishupal then says if your bhakti is true, then step in this lava and if it is true the lava wont do anything to you. rukmani says so be it. she closes her eyes and walks into the lava as she prays to kanha.

Precap: Kanha plays the flute such that the entire event is disturbed and everything turns into a mess. Shishupal falls down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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