Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna roams around in village as beggar

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudama still trying to stop Krishna from moving ahead by explaining him people talk about you that you are trickster but I never kept faith in them but now I believe that you have tricked me then Krishna tells him it is not that so sudama tells him this is right or this wouldn’t had happened so Krishna too explains him while again & again sudama pleads him crying I can’t live without you but Krishna vanishes & sudama keeps searching him.
A villager comes running telling people that a big problem will come to dwarka as dwarkadhish himself is leaving dwarka so they tell him this will never happen as till dwarkadhis is there then there won’t be any problems but he tells them shrikrishna has made sudama as dwarkadhish.
Krishna in walking from dwarka while sudama comes running shouting to stop Krishna & explains how much devotion I did for shrikrishna but today I will also be stubborn devotee & will not allow you to go then he explains sudama then I will break my promise then he asks which promise so Krishna explains about the past what has happened in childhood & he remembers so he says in what problems you have put me in as one side my brahman life & other side my promise & never knew this promise will affect me in future so Krishna tells him not to worry & let me complete my promise while sudama keeps crying what I did this as I have made dwarkadhish a beggar & Krishna leaves. Sudama pleads for forgiveness for this.
Krishna explains people now I am not dwarkadhish & sudama is but they are crying saying we have full faith in sudama but we will always be your devotees & will always think you only as our dwarkadhish & he tells them to keep faith & don’t stop me from my duties to perform & he keeps walking to leave & pray on exit gate to dwarka.
Gurudev tells vishwamitra what you wished has happened that Krishna has left dwarka so is there any confusion in your brains now so vishwamitra replies the person has to perform his duties & promises but still has to see how much he can sustain this form then guru tells him what kind of rishi are you that you are having doubt on god then rishi tells him you don’t know as you are seeing by your devotion while I seeing in different way & lets watch of future.
Sudama is crying depressingly in front of krishna’s statue expressing his uneasiness in words. Gurudev comes to sudama while he asks guru to show me the path how to bring Krishna here & he tells him there is only one way that to go to devi Rukmini & she can only bring him so sudama tells I will go immediately then gurudev explains him this itself is fate that before hari leaving shree has already left then sudama asks how come sister-in-law could leave Krishna & guru explains in details. Sudama is cursing himself saying because of me so many issues have been raised so he asks guru to tell me where can she be & I’ll bring her so gurudev tells him she can only be at her father’s place now & sudama tells guru that now I will bring her back to dwarka & join her & Krishna again & guru says this has to be done.
A cloth seller is donating clothes, food, money etc. to villagers while Krishna comes seeing him & he tells you also take & feels like you are new here so what you want clothes, food or money & krishna says it is my decision if to take or no then he says roaming as a beggar & talking like raja-maharaja so krishna tells him if the donator is evil then I will also become evil so he says I am the biggest donator in this area then from whom you have come here to take donation then krishna tells him there is one woman & Krishna goes towards the woman’s hut while the donator says he has gone to tara’s house to beg.
Rukmini sitting in front of krishna’s statue complaining about her pain saying if you have taken form of beggar than I will also sacrifice my this form as it’s her duty to accept her husband’s ways to lead so like you sacrificed raja’s life so I will also sacrifice my this dressing of maharani too.
Maids come to Rukmini giving her simple dressing while her father comes to talk with her & they discuss about she & Krishna & he tells her if you also sacrifice then what will happen about this world but she explains him while he supports her decision.
A guard comes telling Rukmini a brahman has come to meet you & she is confused who can come to meet me now?
Woman comes out of her hut asking Krishna who are you & why have you come here so he tells her I have come to beg from you so she tells him this is tara’s house & who can’t donate so he tells her that I will take donation from you as I have chosen you so she tells him this house is of a dancer & here a person comes only to give & not to take & also you don’t have anything to give so return from where you came. Krishna tells her I have become late already but as now I have come so will take donation from you then she tells him you have become stubborn then please leave as I have to study my dance too & she leaves.
The donator comes asking Krishna did you get donation then Krishna explains him it takes some time to get who asks with pure heart & he who is a true beggar so donator tells him no problems as you may come to my place as I do not send anybody empty handed & he laughs & leaves.
Krishna addressing devi tara says that you must have forgotten me but I remember you at time of my ram avatar you were wife of kishkinda & you had brought food for me & he narrates past story.
Hanuman tells ram all army has moved towards lanka so we too have to leave & he says yes as I am also eager to meet devi sita so as they move then a woman comes to meet ram saying your feet has blessed this place & hanuman’s assistant says how come devi tara here, while devi tells ram that you can’t leave without having food here so ram tells her I am thankful to you for forgetting your husband kishkinda killed by me then she replies it’s that person’s fate which he has achieved but you have freed him from ego to simplicity. Devi tells ram to accept this food then he tells her I don’t accept food from any other place & I need to go for my duty towards lanka & I respect your this honor to me but will definitely come to you next time & he leaves.
Krishna in beggar form says that time I could not have food from you but now I won’t leave without taking food from you today.

Precap: Rukmini asks sudama what is lees for you now because you had to come here so he tells her that I had come to dwarka as a guest & you & Krishna left dwarka by prabhu becoming beggar so she tells him unless prabhu himself does not come to take me I won’t come so he tells her you come so that prabhu will automatically come or will keep roaming around as a beggar then she tells him you are responsible for that & you only have to search solution for it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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