Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kirti drowns in the river.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kirti telling pujari radha hasn’t come yet, I am worried. Pujari says she will come soon, kirti says no I cannot stop here, I have to go and find radha.

Kanha says forgive me kaki, but I have to separate you from radha, radha and I wont become what we are and I wont take purn Krishna avatar if you are still alive.

Radha prays to shani dev and says shani dev, you decide and give the result of everyone’s karma to every human being and living being alive. Radha says then how can you see this injustice with my mother? My mother has done no sin, then she cannot be killed like this. Shani dev sees this and says radha you are right, if someone has done no sin then they shall not be punished, I will do anything to give the right justice to everyone, be it mahadev, brahma dev of paramavatar shri Krishna himself.

Kansa is in his palace and a woman puts a garland around kansa. Kansa claims himself bhagwan and praise himself saying I am the ruler of the universe. Bhadraksh comes and kansa blesses everyone. Kansa says what news do you have? Bhadraksh says bhagwan, that kanha is taking avatar and he will kill radha’s mother kirti to give her salvation. Kansa says yes but kanha and radha have to go against each other and become enemies. Kansa then spots shani dev flying on his crow and says this shani dev is going to save radha’s mother, he is the god of justice so he wont stop. But that cannot happen.

Kirti is trying to find radha in the forest. Kurma avatar walks in the forest to kill kirti. Kirti comes near a river and stumbles upon a rock and falls, the rock seems to be kurma avatar turtle. Kirti says it is a turtle and seems like he drifted away from his family. Kurma avatar starts pushing kirti in the river as kirti scream for help. Kirti falls in the river and a whirlpool is created as kirti starts drowning in the water. kirti screams for help and radha runs and comes to help, kirti drowns and radha jumps in to save but doesn’t find kirti. She comes out and prays to shani dev, radha says shani dev please save my mother, please help me. shani dev comes out of the water with kirti and keeps her on the ground. Radha tries to wake up kirti and shani dev says don’t worry, she is alive. Radha says thank you shani dev, for answering to my request, I will always owe you for saving my mother. Shani dev says I followed dharma and did my duty, I cannot see injustice done with someone if they haven’t done any sin. Shani dev goes. Kirti wakes up and says radha a turtle pushed me in water. radha says mother, first varaha avatar and then kumra avatar, it is lord Vishnu. Kirti says I don’t believe I have become prabhu vishnu’s enemy, but if prabhu is doing it then no one can stop Vishnu dev. Radha says don’t worry shani dev is with us. radha says we should go back to barsana, they both go.

Shani dev says whatever it is, I am shani dev the god of justice and karma, I wont see any injustice don’t to an innocent person in whatever case. I will fight anyone, even if it is Paramavatar shri Krishna himself.

Lord Vishnu tells laxmi, what has to happen will happen. devi nothing can be stopped and kanha is giving salvation to kirti, she will be free from her curse. Laxmi says prabhu, will kanha give others salvation? Lord Vishnu says Krishna is my purn avatar and he holds the power to give salvation to each being entitled to it in this yug, so it will happen and cannot be stopped.

Precap: Kanha and shani dev battle each other. Kanha says shani dev I am telling you a last time to get aside from my path, I am doing this for dharma.

Precap: Kanha and shani dev battle each other. Kanha says shani dev I am telling you a last time to get aside from my path, I am doing this for dharma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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