Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna is in search of killing all three sons of the poor woman.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with woman’s son falls down & as they take him to Vaidya then he declares he is dead while trying to enter the gate of dwarika so they are shocked but without any reason so she curses dwarika & Krishna is shocked hearing this. They were explaining about how they tried staying in this place & also gave birth to other son & were also happy to stay later but again second son also died so dwarika squeezed this son also from us that’s why I am sacrificing because this is punishment for your dwarika. Krishna asks her to give one chance & to keep faith in me to search what is the problem & solution for this & I promise you I will return your sons but she give last chance telling now I keep last faith on you & come soon.
Rukmini gets shocked hearing this from Krishna telling him how come this is happening as your are god of this whole world but you have to search what is this happening as is there some curse behind you then he feels it can’t be & leaves to yamlog for search.
Dev rishi tells gods what is this happening & they are discussing as Krishna is going to yamlog for search of this problem & see how he searches the solution.
Kishna is calling yamdev in yamlog & they are happy seeing prabhu & thanks Krishna for coming here & blessing this place.
Yamdev is praying Krishna to not to move forward as all the evil souls here are getting blessed so he tells him I have come here to ask you something which is important then he says if you had told me then I would had come to dwarika then krishna says that’s what I am wondering as why you cam there when there is no permission for evils also to come there then yamdev says how can I come there as this place is of evils & I am taking care of this place so how can I come then krishna tells him see that brahman & his wife that they are losing sons as soon as it is born so please tell me where are their souls so he tells this is right that their soul has not come to yamlok but where can they be & there is one way so he asks what then he explains him of time when this has happened then that time can give us the solution & this will be known by chitragupta so Krishna tells him to take me there & he takes along.
The woman is forcing his husband that I waited as per your krishna’s instructions but not now then Rukmini comes stopping her so she prays her & Rukmini is explaining her what to do & should keep faith on shri Krishna & he will definitely come with proper solution so she tells Rukmini I will stop on you request & Rukmini is praying Krishna to do it fast to wipe out this injustice towards her.
Chitragupta tells krishna this book contains all time details of deaths & he tells him to tell where can their soul be so he explains him I can show in front of you making them alive again & he shows how all had happened in past. An evil devi is telling the child that I will take you along with me for some reason then shri Krishna will understand his mistake & woman’s son falls down on the gate of dwarika & shown how he died. Chitragupta is telling Krishna that she is devi kaalratri who has done this then yamdev says how this is possible as no evil is allowed to enter & go near dwarika then Krishna says it’s right as devi kaalratri is not negative but she is devi’s form then yamdev is shocked to hear this. Krishna explains she is navdurga’s avataar so she comes & goes but why she did this evil & asks chitragupta where can she be then he tells she is in pataal lok & taken childern’s souls there so he is shocked how can this be but give me details so he finds that an asoor kalke had attacked on all three loks. Asoor kalke is telling his army to attack on Kailash of mahadev to disturb him so that he will give us all three loks so they are trying to wake him from his meditation cursing him this time has come for you to do some work & not meditate.
Asoor kalke is forcing mahadev to wake up soon & tells his army to destroy mahadev’s this meditation & they wash out mahadev’s yagna fire but again he was not affected so asoor kalke touches & shakes mahadev’s tambora & everything is shaked. Mahadev opens his eyes very angrily.

Precap: Kaalratri of pataal lok killed all three sons through pataal lok’s raja makar & hanuman making blamed Krishna so hanuman is telling Krishna you are the main accused of the sons getting killed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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