Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna interrupting marriage of rukmini.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmini is sitting in her room happily & all her friends come happily to see her hands decorated with mehndi. Rukmini tries to wash her hands which were decorated but all decoration washes out & she is saying that the decorative line has appeared in a way which shows vision of none other than my Krishna himself & becomes very happy about this. All friends are surprised. Rukmini is saying he is near me which I am feeling & runs calling him.

Pondrik. Shishupal & rukvir come in rukmini’s room. Pondrik is showing them the statue of Krishna & is telling them this is krsihna. They are telling him that if this is Krishna then you are a fool then he says this the truth so they ask is it that he is hiding in this statue so yes replies

pondrik. Shishupal says then we have to prove this but again he is in his thoughts that if I try something odd with this statue & fail then my crime will increase so I have to think & do smartly. He takes out his sword & tells pondrik to attack this statue by this sword  if you feel Krishna is there then he will definitely come out of this. Pondrik tries to cut the statue with the sword but fails by the powers of statue also rukvir tries too but that too in vain. Pondrik is saying to shishupal that see how much power is there in this statue which nobody can destroy & if you wish too then you also try as you were finding my talks as a joke. Shishupal understands that pondrik is right that as Krishna is here somewhere so rukvir is also saying that if he is here then I won’t leave him but pondrik tells both to leave all this as you could not destroy a mere statue of him so think how personally we would try destroying him?

Rukmini is running everywhere happily searching Krishna saying I know you are here somewhere so please tell me where are you? All friends are also following her. A friend stops her & Rukmini tells her that my Krishna has come here so she replies how is it possible & if at all he has come here then how did you knew? Rukmini tells her that he has signaled me by this decoration on my hands which was applied by shingarika so it is possible that my Krishna himself is here in form of mohini so I am searching him as he is here itself.

Rukvir is warning in his palace to all people that whoever is Krishna here should come forward or I’ll create havoc here. A person is asking him what is your reason of anger so rukvir replies that it is Krishna who is hidden here in this palace as I know that he has come here in an unknown form who is mixed in you people. All are shocked & surprised looking here & there. Rukvir is asking somebody as who are you as you were not seen here before so aren’t you Krishna? Then rukvir’s father gets up telling him to stop & control your anger & all these people are of our area workers itself as I have chosen them here. Rukvir is saying that I know Krishna is here so it’s my anger because of him so if this person is not Krishna then who can be here in his form? All are surprised. Shishupal calms rukvir saying that we will very soon surround Krishna & asks maharaj bhishma if all the people of your area are here & yes replies maharaj.  Shishupal is telling maharaj that you are wrong as one person is not here that is mohini shingarika & I am sure he is Krishna in disguise roaming around in this palace. Rukvir says if it is he then he won’t be spared here. They go to search mohini.

Rukmini is talking with statue of Krishna saying you are a real trickster as you applied decorations on my hands in form of mohini & I could not understand this. But why have you decorated such an art on my hand for what reason? She joins both her hands & understands telling Krishna that this is art of devi mata girja so what are you trying to tell me by this art & why you came in the form of mohini without disclosing your identity to me & she says that yes I will get the answer of this art in girja mandir where you will meet me so I am coming there tells Krishna. She goes running while rukvir, shishupal & pondrik come in front of her.

Arjun is asking Krishna to clear my doubts which was also created in rukmini’s heart so krishan tells him to ask & arjuns says why you did not disclose your identity to Rukmini as you were there to help her then why were you hiding by Rukmini?  So krishna answers him in this world I am there but not existing & if existing then everywhere as human thinks about me & does his duties so for him or her I immerge in any kind of form. If devotion is immense about me in heart then it is me itself who takes care till the end. Arjun says then maybe it was due to while problems you yourself do not immerge so you hidden yourself from Rukmini. Krishna tells Arjun that you understood what I meant as if a human thinks about me & does his duties then he finds me in his deeds.

Rukvir is asking Rukmini where is mohini so she asks him why you need her so he replies that I have understood that she is none other than Krishna in disguise so she replies that if you have understood only this then you go & search her So he tells her one more thing I wish to tell you that your marriage won’t happen after two days but will perform today itself then maharaj comes telling rukvir to stop all this as marriage is not an entertainment but it is ritual rites so it will happen as per schedule prescribed as per muhurat & rukvir says I too know this but I do not wish to give any chances to Krishna so maharaj replies that how we will face all people then Rukmini intervenes saying sorry but I am ready for marriage today itself. All are surprised but Rukmini tells her brother that before that I wish to go to pray mata girja devi temple so he says no then she replies that is it because you do not have faith in yourself or in your friends too or is it because you are thinking Krishna will hijack me from there so rukvir gets angry but shishupal stops him saying we should not have any problems in rukmini’s wish & tells her to proceed for her temple visit. So she happily leaves for temple visit having acceptance from her father too with her brother & his friends along.

They all reach near the temple & rukvir tells Rukmini to go & take blessings from devi mata girja & we will wait here for you. So she proceeds along with her friends with plate in her hands for Pooja. Rukmini stops her friends telling them to wait here & I will return completing my Pooja.

Rukmini is in the temple of mata girja telling her that she is on her feet so to bless her by her marriage with Krishna & she performs her Pooja by her aarti song. As she completes her aarti, Krishna immerges in front of her saying I have come here rukmini & Rukmini is surprised in a very happy manner by getting shocked of his touch & she is overwhelmed asking Krishna why you didn’t come early as I was waiting for you since so long ago so Krishna replies I was always there with you but only you could not realize. So she is telling him that it would have been good of you would have not come so Krishna asks why so she replies that now all my wishes are fulfilled as nothing is left in my life now to achieve.  Krishna is telling her that this is not the end of life as it is your start of new life now. She is asking so tell me what should I do now then Krishna replies her to move forward for your new role in life & she accepts smilingly.


Precap: Rukvir is searching Rukmini & shishupal is telling him Krishna was hiding here only & he has taken her away. They all are searching & seeing krishna & Rukmini are going together in the rath so trying to follow them deciding directions to surround Krishna.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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