Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: The demon tries to kill sudhama.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha in vrindavan and he says what pondrik is doing is wrong. Kanha goes to pondrik as everyone is praying to him and he sees all people are sitting in front of him and pondrik is telling him his teachings. Kanha says now even my mother and father are thinking that pondrik is their god, it will be difficult to convince everyone now as even baba and mother are by pondrik’s side. Radha says don’t worry kanha, we will do something.
Pondrik tells everyone, my disciples I am your god and shall always be with you in this village, I shall sit right here and fulfill all your needs, from now you wont have to work for anything, you will get everything from me. Balram sees this and is shocked and he comes and stops everyone and says pondrik don’t give everyone false teachings. Pondrik smiles and says my disciples what is more greater? Karma of god? Damodar gets up and says bhagwan pondrik, obviously god is greater than karma. Balram is shocked and he says no damu kaka, what are you saying? My kanha always says, a person’s karma defines him, only his karma can get him what he deserves, karma is even greater than god as the true god has said that a person should make his identity through his karma and his karma will lead him to his destiny, god is the one who guides his disciples but not give them what they want, god guides to the right path to what we want! Pondrik says from now my disciples, you don’t need to do any karma, you will get whatever you want from me! I am your bhagwan and I will fulfill all your wishes. Everyone get happy and say yes bhagwan pondrik will do everything for us. Balram says no that is not right, don’t believe him people. Pondrik says my child, let my disciples decide, karma is not required for everything and if my disciples want anything then I shall give them without their karma and hard work. Everyone praise pondrik and start praying to him. balram goes to kanha and radha.
Balram says kanha, the people have started believing pondrik. Pondrik is manipulating the minds of all people, something has to be done. Where has he come from? And why is he wearing exactly what you wear? Kanha says I don’t know brother. Radha says brother balram, pondrik must have seen kanha before and must be knowing how much people love kanha, he has taken kanha’s form to become everyone’s god, he should be stopped. Kanha says yes brother, I am thinking of a way, not doing karma and getting everything is not the way of dharma! It is adharma and the people are unknowingly taking part in this adharma!
There sudhama is in the cave with the demon and he takes kanha’s statue to pray. The demon sees and says you will not be enough for my hunger, I need someone else as well. Sudhama starts praying to kanha. The demon says no one can save you now! I will kill you and eat. Sudhama says no, right now I am praying to my govinda and until it is over I wont move from here. demon gets angry and says kid, you shall die, I will see who saves you. The demon tries to catch sudhama as sudhama runs in the cave. Kanha comes.
Narad muni says prabhu who is this demon? Lord Vishnu says narad muni, you don’t remember but in treta yug when I was lord ram! Ravana had sent a demon named marich in the form of a deer so that he could kidnap sita. Marich ran in the forest as the deer and sita asked me to bring that beautiful deer for her, I killed the deer with the arrow but marich came in his form and screamed laxman for help, this way laxman came to me and ravana kidnapped sita! He is the same demon and since then he has been roaming and has settled in the cave and makes a living by killing people and animals as food.

Precap: kanha fights the demon and says I will kill you, I could not take my revenge in treta yug marich! But this time you will not be spared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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