Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Kansa knows about prapti.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brahma rakshasa telling his own form of brahma shri that you are worthless as you did not kill that kanha, I don’t need you anymore, he stabs a spear in his stomach and takes the form in his body back. brahma rakshasa looks at his yantra and says now my yantra is ready and I will find Narayan at any cost.
There kanha takes the dakshina at night and says I shall go to brahma dev now and give him this. Kanha is walking the passage and sees radha coming, he says what is she doing here? kanha hides behind the sofa. Radha walks by and stops behind as kanha keeps looking ahead. Radha says boy I am radha and I have 1 lakh cows, I can see everything,what are you doing here? kanha gets scared and says nothing, then he picks the dakshina and says I was taking this

to give it to brahma dev. Radha says boy there is nothing in you s I have heard, you have cheated barsana too. Kanha says how is that? radha says everyone there says kanha does this and kanha does that but since I have met you, you don’t know how to play the flute, how to do shringaar and even how to respect a brahman. Kanha doesn’t say anything. Radha says say something. Kanha says when you speak no one can say then how can i? radha says staying with me you have started knowing me now. kanha says as I know you I can see you are tired and you only don’t know that. radha says yes I never knew I was tired, you are right kanha. Kanha says then you shall go and sleep and rest. Kanha tales radha and she sleeps on the sofa, kanha says as you are tired sleep. Radha says yes and sleeps. Kanha takes the dakshina and goes.
There asti says to prapti that sister you have done a crime. Prapti says no I have not, I have done my dharma of helping someone from evil. Asti says no sister, so many years I have stayed quiet because you are my sister but you instead support the greatest enemy of our swami, I don’t want to be a widow like you. asti says you should have done patni dharma sister, all these years you hated our swami kansa but now I will tell him about your crime, I will tell him what you have done. Asti goes.
There kanha is going to find shridhar. Kanha has the dakshina and remembers what yashoda and radha told him, he says mother and radha both blamed me and they think I have done wrong but it was brahma dev’s mistake and he only ran away. Kanha says I will find brahma dev today.
Kansa is praying to his own statue and says bhagwan kansa, you know everything, you are god and see everything, please tell me where brahma rakshasa is because whoever goes to gokul doesn’t come back, tell me where he is and also who opened the pass for vasudev and devki? Who is that traitor in my palace? Asti comes and says maharaj kansa! Kansa without looking holds her neck and picks her up and says prapti what are you doing here? then he sees and says oh asti it is you, he says what happened? Asti says maharaj, kansa says oh I forgot and leaves her down. Asti says maharaj the traitor is my sister prapti and she only opened the pass. Kansa says what? But I already know that. asti says then why didn’t you punish her? Kansa says punish her? Because I love here, she is my wife and I love here. kansa says I even know that you are jealous of her that is why you came and told me. Asti says no maharaj I am not jealous of my sister. Kansa says yes you are because I love her more than you. asti says no maharaj I told you because I love you maharaj. Kansa says okay so then lets go and punish prapti. Asti is shocked. kansa takes asti.
There kanha says I don’t know the way but god will help me to get to brahma shri. Kanha says om namo vasudevay namaha. There brahma shridhar is praying to Narayan in his brahman form and says Narayan! Narayan! The yantra shines and it gives brightness in the sky. Kanha sees the brightness and says that is the voice of brahma shri and it must be him. kanha goes to that cave and listens to Narayan, he says what a weird place this is, just like brahma shri. Kanha looks down and says I have to go down. Kanha starts walking the steps and sees everywhere and says Narayan is written here. kanha starts walking down and says brahma dev, where are you? kanha then sees brahma shridhar and says brahma dev I have come to give you dakshina. Shridhar opens his eyes and smiles and says come Narayan.

Precap: prapti is on a stone and her head is about to be cut by kansa. Akrur and asti are shocked as prapti is scared too. There shridhar turns into brahma rakshasa and says I will not leave you Narayana. Kanha keeps the dakshina in the hands of brahma shri and goes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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