Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills shankasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narad muni saying prabhu, shankasura will fly and go back inside the panchjani shell again! you have to do something because this is your chance at obtaining the shell back and killing shankasura. Kanha prays and says panchjani shell if you accept me, then come back to me. The shell glows and starts reducing in size. Shankasura flies towards the shell, the shell becomes small and comes in kanha’s hand and shankasua crashes down on the ocean floor. Shankasura gets up to fly away from kanha. Kanha smiles and takes the shell and he starts blowing it, the sweet sound of the shell hits shankasua’s body and as he flies he suffers and then falls down and turns to ashes due to the sound, shankasura dies. Narad muni says Narayana! Narayana! You have done it prabhu, now

I shall go. narad muni goes.
Kanha takes the shell and with balram he comes out of the river and goes to the ashram of rishi sandeepani with the panchjani shell. rishi sandeepani is happy as he sees kanha and says prabhu! Kanha gives the panchjani shell to rishi sandeepani and says take it rishi, I brought it from shankasura. Rishi sandeepani says prabhu, you brought the shell back and killed shankasura but you have to keep the shell with you again from now as it will be the shell which blows the sound for the start of war between the pandavas and kauravas many years from now. kanha says rishi, I know that I will need the shell in this unique war but till then I shall not need it and you keep it rishi, I will take it from you when the right time comes. Rishi sandeepani has tears and kanha says what happened rishi? Rishi says prabhu, it is so peaceful and happy to see you take care of all your disciples, you are not just a god but more than that. sudhama comes and says you are right guru! Kanha you are not only my friend, you are my father, mother and my everything and it pains me to know that now you shall depart, I shall eagerly wait for you to come back here. kanha smiles and says sudhama, I am going so that I will come back again to meet you all, don’t worry, I will come back soon one day. Kanha goes with balram as rishi sandeepani and sudhama do pranam.
There the pandavas are inside the ashram of bhadraksh. The pandavas are sleeping and bhadraksh comes as rishi makhan and sees them. He sits outside and says they ate my fruits and shall be dead also, bhadraksh laughs. suddenly all pandavas and kunti come out and look at bhadraksh angrily. Bhadraksh is shocked and says you all? Hidimba coms and says bhadraksh we know it is you. bhadraksh says hidimba? Hidimba says yes me, I had kept an eye on you and I also saw you put poison in the fruits, but I came here on time and exchanged the basket of fruits with good ones, I will punish you bhadraksh. Bhadraksh takes his original form and bheem says bhadraksh how dare you try to kill us and our mother? Bhadraksh says it was the order of bhagwan kansa and I thought of giving you an easy death but now you shall see my powers. Hidimba says I will deal with you, she starts beating bhadraksh and bashes him to the ground as bhadraksh gets hurt. Bhadraksh says don’t punish me hidimba, I will go. bhadraksh goes.
Bheem smiles and says thank you hidimba, you saved our lives. Kunti says why are you doing all this hidimba? Do you have a motive behind all of this? Hidimba says yes mata, only one motive, I don’t have any friends in life and I want you all as my friends. Kunti smiles and bheem says from today I am your friend hidimba. Arjun, yudhishthir, sahadev and nakul say even we are your friends hidimba. Hidimba is happy and she says I wanted only one friend but I got 5 friends, I am so lucky to have you all as my friends. Everyone smile. Hidimba says I shall still follow and protect you all until you reach Mathura. Kunti says no hidimba, you don’t need to do that because my sons are very brave as well. Hidimba says I am doing it for myself mata, so that I feel good by doing what I do! Kunti and the pandavas continue walking towards Mathura.
There bhadraksh goes to Mathura and says to kansa, bhagwan you sent me to kill the pandavas. Kansa says and you killed them? Bhadraksh says I was about to kill them but that hidimb’s sister hidimba came there bhagwan. Kansa says and you both together killed them? Bhadraksh says no bhagwan, that hidimba rather came and she beat me so much, she saved the pandavas and their mother kunti and she punished me and beat me so much that I had to run back here, so much pain bhagwan! Kansa says you are the commander of bhagwan kansa’s army and you cannot do a thing. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, what could I do when hidimba beat me? She is powerful. Kansa gets angry.
There as kunti is going with her sons, behind hidimba sees some soldiers from hastinapura on the mountain aiming arrows at kunti and the pandavas. Hidimba becomes very huge in size and she runs and stands in between the pandavas, the arrows hit hidimba and she falls down unconscious in pain. Kutni and pandavas are shocked abd they come to hidimba, bheem says who did this? Kunti says we have to save hidimba, Arjun go and bring the herbal medicine from this forest to save hidimba. Arjun hurries and he goes to find the brown chandan herb to save hidimba.
There narad muni says prabhu, what is the story of human and god? The friendship between human and Narayana? There kanha reaches a cave where he sees the stone statue of Rambha. Laxmi says I will tell the story devrishi, she says in treta yug lord ram and arjun’s treta avatar sat in this cave to establish the shiv ling of mahadev so that his true form would be always present in the world through that shiv ling in the cave. In flashback, lord ram and arjun’s treta avatar sit and they pray and mahadev appears. Lord ram says mahadev, I am doing this meditation so that your true form shall always be present in this world in this temple in the cave and any disciple who comes and prays here shall get what they want from you. mahadev says prabhu ram, your human and Narayana form are friends in this yuga and just as you know, in the next dwapar yug, the Narayana and human shall meet again as best friends.
Lord ram and his friend sit to meditate and pray. There an apsara Rambha is sent to trouble lord ram in his prayers. Rambha dances as the apsara and tries to disturb lord ram. After some time lord ram opens his eyes with arjun’s form and says who are you? why have you come here? Rambha says I am Rambha and I have fallen in love with you shree ram. Lord ram says is that so? Give me your hands, lord ram holds rambha’s hands and she says what are you doing? Leave me! Lord ram leaves Rambha and says we are meditating and praying here and disturbing someone in meditation is the greatest crime, you shall be cursed for that. lord ram says I curse you, from now you shall turn to stone forever. Rambha is shocked and she has tears, she cries and says forgive me prabhu I came as a demon sent me to disturb you, please forgive me prabhu, please.

Precap: Arjun’s treta yug form curses a tribe man and turns him to varaha. Arjun finds a medicine to save hidimba.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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