Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa goes to mandhrachal.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone in vrindavan doing the aarti of prabhu vishnu for saving the people and their village. Rishi gargacharya says the mantras as everyone sings the prayer song. After the aarti, balram says radha come on now give the Prasad quickly, I am very hungry and prabhu vishnu’s Prasad looks delicious. Radha says no, first I will give the prashad to kanha, only then I will give you brother. Balram says come on radha, there is no need to wait, give us the prashad of bhog. Radha says no, unless kanha comes I wont give it to anyone. Balram thinks kanha is right, radha is so arrogant. Yashoda comes and says radha, kanha has again gone somewhere, every time he does this and during pooja or aarti he goes somewhere, so you keep the prashad for lord Vishnu there. Radha puts the first serving of prashad on a banana leaf and says kanha this is for you, you have gone somewhere but I will know where you are. A man takes prashad and starts serving everyone.
Kansa is with shokracharya and bhadraksh in the palace. Kansa says how do I kill kurma avatar? Shokracharya says by the help of mandhrachal mountain. Kansa says what? Guru are you fine? Mandhrachal helped Vishnu in the churning of the oceans then why would he kill kurma avatar? Shokracharya says kansa, you don’t know the story of mandhrachal, he wants revenge from the gods.
Kanha there is in the forest and he sees a lot of food kept as bhog for prabhu Vishnu. kanha says who is this? my disciple has kept this bhog for me, I shall soon meet my disciple. Kanha eats the bhog kept for him.
There in a village, kanha’s disciple a woman in white clothes is in her hut, she takes the uncooked rice and serves it as bhog to lord Vishnu in vishnu’s temple.
Shokracharya says during the samudra manthan, there was a problem of churning the ocean as something had to be needed to churn the entire ocean, so prabhu Vishnu went with all gods to ask mandhrachal mountain to be the churner. Lord Vishnu says mandhrachal, we need your help in churning the ocean. Mandhrachal says prabhu, I am very grateful to do this task but I have to stay in the ocean for all life, what will I get from that? lord Vishnu says what do you want mandhrachal? Mandhrachal says prabhu, after samudra manthan is over I want to be the king of mountains and be taken as a god too amongst the court of gods. Lord Vishnu says you shall get what you want manhdrachal. Mandhrachal says gods, remember me too after all this, I will be one of you don’t forget me.
Shokracharya says this way, mandhrachal mountain became the churner and shehs naag was put around mandhrachal as gods and demons churned the ocean, Vishnu then took kurma avatar to let mandhrachal rest over kurma for churning the ocean, after the samudra manthan everything was distributed equally amongst gods and demons, but then came amrit and while demons and gods fought for it, mandhrachal was sad and angry he said gods don’t forget me! wait, take me as a god as you promised and make me king of mountains, but no one responded and mandhrachal got angry and he swore to take revenge from the gods when he would get an opportunity.
Kansa says then we shall go to mandhrachal, and he will kill kurma avatar. Kansa and bhadraksh fly on their animals and they reach the ocean. Bhadraksh calls mandhrachal and says he isn’t responding. Kansa says he has been in the ocean for ages, it will take a strong voice to wake him up. Kansa says om kansay namaha! The ocean creates a whirlpool and mandhrachal comes out of it and says kansa! Why have you called me? kansa and bhadraksh get down.
There kanha comes to vrindavan and radha says kanha, where were you? and I kept prashad for you, you did not eat that but you ate something else from outside and came. Kanha says no gopi, I haven’t eaten anything. Yashoda says where were you kanha? Kanha says mother, I was in the forest. Radha says see kaki, he has eaten something and come. Kanha says no mother. Yashoda says then why are rice lentils stuck to your chin? Don’t lie kanha. Kanha says mother, someone had put bhog or prabhu Vishnu, then I took and ate it, now I will go and eat the prashad of the pooja as well. Kanha goes.

Precap: Kansa says mandhrachal, Vishnu lives in vrindavan by the avatar of Krishna or kanha. Mandhrachal says I will take revenge and kill kurma avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Mrs. Nalini Persad

    This written episode requires a good amount of editing for spelling, and diction. It appears that the summary was written in Hindi first, then auto-translated, which gets some Hindi expressions wrong in English. I would like to know if these written episodes are strictly proofread in its English language format.
    Other than that, it is all right, as I know the story from childhood. The reading public deserves grammatically correct written episodes. Thank you.

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