Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Damodar and 2 men turn into demons.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram coming back to vrindavan. As kanha is coming back to vrindavan, in the forest he sees his statue made by someone. Kanha thinks and says, apart from kansa only guru gargacharya knows that I am the avatar of lord Vishnu! Who else would know? Who has made this statue of mine? All people in the village use their shells and bells and the sounds start coming once again, everyone is happy that dhenukasura is gone and they prepare for the Pooja of mata kamdhenu. Kanha comes to the village and says even I want to help in making the statue of mata kamdhenu out of mud. Yashoda says yes son, come here. kanha, radha and all people together start making an idol of mata kamdhenu out of mud. As a song plays of mata kamdhenu, people together happily make the idol as the men decorate the surrounding with flowers and colors. After the statue is made, everyone decorate the Pooja plate and hand it to kanha and radha. The Pooja and aarti of mata kamdhenu starts and people say the Pooja prayer as kanha and radha hold the Pooja thali for mata kamdhenu.
There dhenukasura returns to the mountain and says you people of vrindavan, you thought I had died? Now you will all kill your own people. Dhenukasura starts making his donkey sounds and he sends 3 bugs out of his mouth. These bugs fly towards vrindavan.
There the Pooja is done, and kanha is distributing sweets and Prasad to everyone. The bugs come flying and bite damodar and 2 more men of the village. Suddenly damodar and the men start screaming in anger and their eyes turn red, all people get scared. Nand says what happened? Damodar throws the Pooja thali away and he screams at nand and all the people. Nand and everyone else fall down, they get up and kanha says they have become demonic, run! All people start running. damodar and the 2 men start pillaging everything and throw pots and whatever comes in their way, they smash doors and windows and creates a mess everywhere. Damodar screams in anger with his face angry. Balram is shocked and says what has happened to them kanha? Kanha says I don’t know brother, their behavior has become like demons, we have to do something. Balram says kanha, they can kill anyone, they are dangerous. Kanha says radha first we have to take all people to safety. Balram says I will go and beat them with my mudgal as anyway they have turned into demons. Kanha says brother I think this is dhenukasura’s effect, we cannot hurt damu kaka and the 2 men, they don’t know what they are doing, we have to just try to stop them and keep them away from all people, I will figure out a way till then you go and stop them, I and radha will keep the people safe. Kanha and radha run and take all people in the house, radha goes in and kanha closes the door. yashoda says where are you going? Kanha says don’t worry about me, I have to do something. Kanha goes, yashoda says wait son! Radha says he never listens, he cannot do anything without my help.
Balram there tries to stop damodar and the 2 men. All people are running helter-skelter as damodar takes a weapon in his hand. Balram comes and says I can do only one thing to stop them now. balram runs towards damodar and hits him with his mudgal, damodar flies and falls down on a cart, he gets up in anger and screams. Kanha goes to rishi gargacharya and the other rishi’s. kanha says what do I do guru? Dhenukasura has started his adharma again. rishi gargacharya says prabhu, you can do one thing, the protector of all, you can pray to him and call him for help, Vighnaharta Ganesh will help you in defeating this demon, dhenukasura! Kanha says you are right guru! Kanha prays to the ganesh ji’s idol and says om ganpataye namaha, he says vighnaharta ganesh ji, I yashoda nandan pray you to help me defeat the demon and save vrindavan and its people.
There kansa laughs as dhenukasura tells him destruction has started and the people of vrindavan are killing their own people as I have turned 3 of their people into demons. Kansa says no demon could do this, now I don’t need anything, the people will kill themselves.

Precap: kanha’s disciple prays to him and offers him food which kanha accepts. Balram tries to stops damodar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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