Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha kills dhumralochan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dhumraochan uses his weapon and attacking on kanha. Kanha thinks I have to stop this demon. Dhumralochan attacks and kanha stops the spear with his hand. Dhumralochan steps back and says this kid is powerful. Radha says how did you do this kanha? Kanha says this was the power from my mind, brother balram told me about this. Dhumralochan says I will teach you, he breathes fire. Kanha puts radha behind and then dodges the fire! Radha says this gore knew only to play the flute, how did he know how to fight? Kanha says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namaha! He gets a gadha. Radha is then called by a voice of her own, radha says this is the same voice that called me, I have to know who it is. Radha goes.
Kanha and dhumralochan clash with their weapons. Kanha says I will teach you a lesson demon. Kanha pushes and throws dhumralochan down. Dhumralochan gets up and says evil kid! Kanha laughs and says first pick your weapon. Dhumralochan says I don’t need a weapon to defeat you kid. Kanha keeps his gadha away and then he fights with him with his hands. Kanha says dhumralochan you have never been beaten by dharma with all power, I will show you the power of dharma. Dhumralochan gets up and fights again and kanha says you cannot fight me, how will you fight devi shailputri? Dhumralochan gets up again and kanha kicks him and he falls down. Kanha says I told you before, adharma is defeated like this.
Radha reaches the forest and sees the same tree and says who is it who has been calling me? Suddenly sanjhi calls radha. Radha sees sanjhi and is surprised. Sanjhi says I am calling you radha. Radha says you look like me? Sanjhi says radha, you and I are both same, we are the same forms. Sanjhi says you have come from me radha! I am radha and I am sanjhi, we both are same. radha says but how? I don’t understand sanjhi. Sanjhi says radha, in every age, I have an avatar, I was sanjhi before and before that laxmi. You are my avatar radha and you will show women their power. Radha says this is getting even more confusing. Sanjhi smiles and closes her eyes, devi laxmi appears. Laxmi says radha, you are all powerful and every god’s strength lives in you radha. This Navratri you have to kill and defeat all evil, and show women their power because there is a lot of evil in this world that wants to destroy the existence of a woman. Laxmi puts her power in radha.
There dhumralochan attacks paashan on kanha and kanha says this is not right dhumralochan, you are a demon so fight like one, don’t fight with paashan. Dhumralochan says I will show you the power of adharma, he attacks a bolt on kanha. Kanha ducks. Radha appears in her huge form with her very huge size, radha has a trishul. Radha says evil demon, I will kill you for your sins. Dhumralochan says shailputri you finally came, I have been waiting. Radha says demon, whenever evil like you will rise, I will end them. Kanha says radha I knew you would realize your power, you kill this demon, till then I will go to mother and father. Dhumralochan says give me power, he becomes huge and says I will kill you devi. Radha says I will kill you, radha puts the trishul and cuts dhumralochan’s head and kills him.
Narad muni says prabhu finally devi radha has realized that she is an adishakti power.
There mhaishasura scolds the demon and says I knew this is happening. The demons say maharaj, dhumralochan is dead but adharma is not dead. Mhaishasura says yes, a cheap demon like dhumralochan cannot stop that. the demons say bhagwan, we will go and kill that devi for sure. The demons go. bhadraksh says bhagwan, why didn’t you go? kansa says bhadraksh, I am mhaishasura here and before mhaishasura had himself gone to kill the devi but he died, so now I sent these demons to kill them and then I will go.
There kanha says like mahadev took the kaal kuth poison, I will take this poison inside me. Kanha breathes inside all the poisonous gas and thenhe uses hi powers to clear the air. All people wake up and kanha hugs yashoda. Everyone say what happened here? kanha goes to radha.
There radha wakes up near the tree and says why am I here? kanha says good work radha, you killed that demon. Radha says what? Are you trying to fool me? Kanha says no why would I lie? You killed that demon in the form of shailputri, I would not lie about that. radha says forget it kanha, I don’t believe you. radha goes.

Precap: a demon army heads to barsana to kill everyone and radha. Kanha knows of the danger and he gets ready with Arjun.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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