Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha confronts kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with laxmi appearing in front of radha. Radha says devi laxmi, pranam. laxmi says radha you have questions, and are wondering about the safety of mata kirti and who sent varaha avatar. laxmi says kanha sent varaha avatar to kill mata kirti so that she gets salvation, you need to know to protect mata kirti. Radha doesn’t believe and says kanha cannot do that. laxmi says yes, but he has because of some reasons but I cannot see a mother been taken away from a daughter. Laxmi goes. Radha is sad and says how could kanha do this? Why did kanha do this? Radha goes and she lays dow stones and starts praying, she tries to call kanha.

Kansa is in his palace, he wakes up from sleeping. kansa looks above and says what is going on now? what is happening? When will radha and kanha die? Where is bhadraksh, bhadraksh come here! bhadraksh appears and says yes bhagwan. Kansa says you fool, you have been kept here to give me news, what are you doing? Bhadraksh says that is what I was doing bhagwan, I have got great news for you. kansa says tell me. bhadraksh says bhagwan, that laxmi has gone sad and even radha has become sad and angry on kanha. It seems radha’s mata, kirti has to die according to destiny but laxmi and radha don’t want it, kanha sent varaha avatar to kill kirti but laxmi told radha. Now radha will become kanha’s enemy, they will end each other. Kansa laughs and says I don’t need to do anything now, now kanha is in trouble and radha is angry. Kansa laughs and says we will watch.

Kanha is sad and says how can I kill mata kirti, but I have to do it because it is necessary according to destiny. It has to happen and no one can stop it. kanha hears radha is calling him, kanha goes to radha. Radha smiles and says gwale you came! Kanha says yes gopi, my radha is calling me and I wouldn’t come that wont happen. radha smiles and she says kanha, I want to ask you something and answer truly. Radha says kanha, varaha avatar came to kill my mata kirti, did you send varaha avatar? kanha says radha, we cannot talk about this now because we have a more important work to do. Radha says no kanha, I want the answer. Kanha says radha, this has to happen for destiny, it is necessary, yes I sent varaha avatar radha. Kanha is sad. Radha is shocked and says how could you do that kanha? You sent varaha avatar to kill my mother, kanha says radha it is the destiny of mata kirti and she has to go back to gau lok. Radha is sad and angry, she says kanha you have proven that whatever relation we had was not true and you have betrayed me. kanha is sad.

Precap: shani dev waits to lay his shani-sight. Radha says I wont let you take away my mother kirti from me kanha, we will fight each other if need be.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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