Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha tried to cheer up everyone.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying mother, give me food, please I am hungry. Yashoda is sad and worried, she looks down and works. Kanha says 3 times and says mother what has happened? Give me food, why are you sitting like that? Yashoda then gets up and brings food and kanha says mother you know I like butter, right? Then why did you bring something else? Yashoda then brings butter and gives it to kanha. Kanha takes and thinks all the people have become scared to the core, this event has put fear in them so much that everyone has forgotten what they loved! Kanha takes butter and goes out, he meets radha and radha says why are you worried kanha? Kanha says radha our parents and all people. Radha says I know kanha, the same has happened to my parents, everyone has become so scared that they

all have forgotten their daily work, they have forgotten how to live and enjoy, they have forgotten what they loved, they are just hiding from kansa now. Kanha says something has to be done radha, radha says I will help you kanha. Kanha says today is the festival of kaam dev, we celebrate this every year but this time vrindavan is all quiet! Radha says then lets get to work!
There in kansa’s palace, jarasant is angry and says that kanha killed my mother-like jara, the one who took care of me, kansa now the thing is to concentrate on killing kanha. Jarasant says kansa but you cannot kill kanha, you are not capable of doing that. Kansa says what do you mean? You doubt my powers? Jarasant says no not your powers, but your capability, till today that kanha has killed all your demons and has fooled you too, but now I will send a demon there, who is fearless like you and almost as powerful as you, he will kill kanha for us! It is kaalvan!
There kaalvan is in his lok with all his soldiers. All people and soldiers are scared of him and say maharaj everything is happening as you said. Kaalvan says I am kaalvan, if there is even one mistake then I will kill you all. Kaalvan then walks ahead and says I rule this lok and no one can come here without my permission! Suddenly jarasant says kaalvan, come for our help. Kaalvan hears and says it seems someone I know has called me for help!
There kanha and radha sit in the village as it is decorated and all kanha’s friends and balram are there. Kanha and radha play the dhol and try to cheer up the village. All people come out of their houses and see what’s happening. Kanha says yes people come, forget everything, it is festival of kaam dev and how can we not celebrate it? All people gather and kanha says start the rituals kaka and kaki! Suddenly nand and all come and nand says angrily stop all this kanha! Nand keeps the dhol aside. Kanha says what happened baba? Everyone has to open up now, let go of their fear. Nand says angrily, no kanha, this is the truth now, we cannot let go of our fear, kansa almost killed all of us, no one will come out of their houses, go back and stay there in fear otherwise kansa may come any day and this time kill us for sure. All people go and nand goes back with others. Kanha says to radha, this has become really difficult. Radha says yes, something has to be done.
There kaam dev’s wife goes to lord Vishnu and says prabhu, I want to help kanha in his struggle, he is trying to make everyone happy and bring a normal life back in vrindavan, I want to help kanha and by that, even kaam dev’s body will be resurrected! Lord Vishnu smiles and devi goes down on earth in a form.
There kaalvan appears inside kansa’s palace. Kansa is standing with pralapt. Janur keeps his hand on kaalvan and says who are you? Kaalvan says I have a message. Janur says what message is there for bhagwan kansa? Kaalvan suddenly removes his cloak and puts a metal dagger inside janur’s throat. Kansa screams shocked! Kaalvan says my message is death! janur suffers and falls down and dies. Pralapt is shocked. Kansa says I am impressed kaalvan! Kaalvan says kansa, I represent death, I kill anyone when I want. Kansa says I want you to kill Krishna, a kid in vrindavan who is the form of Vishnu! I want you to kill that kanha. Kaalvan says why would I work for you? I don’t serve anyone but myself.

Precap: kanha and radha bring the routine back in vrindavan with everyone happy. Kaam dev’s body is brought back as kanha plays an important role in this story.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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